The Status and Future of the Shift to Non-Personal Promotion in Pharma Marketing

It’s been a year since the onset of COVID-19 upended the way we live our lives and conduct our business. It’s now clear that non-personal promotion (NPP) with providers has cemented a larger role in the pharma marketing mix – regardless of whether we’re able to regain a semblance of pre-COVID interaction in 2021.

As pharma continues to grapple with reduced airtime with physicians, NPP commands a more significant share of 2021 marketing budgets, and organizations search for ways to connect in a wholly virtual world. Opportunities to innovate abound.

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss what we’re hearing about practical methods that pharma is using to balance personal and non-personal promotion, as well as the importance of interconnectivity across virtual digital platforms.

In under just 60 minutes you'll learn:

  1. The biggest challenges pharma faced in 2020 while shifting to a virtual mindset—and what challenges will persist in 2021

  2. How changing patient populations and personalized care impact customer engagement models

  3. How existing digital technologies support new customer engagement model


Meet the thought leaders

Avatar for Mark Bard

Mark Bard

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The DHC Group
Avatar for Sean Hartigan

Sean Hartigan

SVP of Strategic Planning, Intouch Group
Avatar for Jill Wassil

Jill Wassil

Vice President of Marketing, miraDry, Inc.
Avatar for Adam Almozlino

Adam Almozlino

VP of Data and Product Strategy, OptimizeRx
Avatar for Eze Abosi

Eze Abosi

Head, Real World Evidence Solutions, OptimizeRx