Boosting Brand Connections with DAAP’s Digital Field Connection Module

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The relationship between field reps and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) plays a vital role in keeping medical practices abreast of treatment options and clinical breakthroughs that could benefit their patients. However, busy schedules and administrative duties continue to limit HCP’s time to meet with pharma reps. This impacts the exchange of crucial information about new treatments, hindering an HCP’s ability to stay updated on patient eligibility and product information. As a result, they miss valuable insights that could enhance patient care and new or enhanced treatment options.  

Digital Field Connection, a module of Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP), is helping pharmaceutical manufacturers and life sciences companies overcome these challenges by providing a direct, digital connection between HCPs and field reps – from within the EHR.

Exploring Key Features and Benefits of DAAP’s Digital Field Connection Module

Key Features


Direct Messaging from EHR to Field Teams

The most significant advantage of digital field connection is enabling HCPs to text their field representatives from directly within the EHR system. This innovative feature allows HCPs to reach out to their Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), or sales reps without the need to log in to other portals, submit brand website requests, or wait for rep office hours. This seamless integration offers a remarkable convenience for HCPs, enabling them to access the support they’re looking for without disrupting their patient care responsibilities. 

The direct messaging feature plays a pivotal role in supporting HCPs during the prescribing process. It facilitates effective communication, allowing for sample requests, clarification of patient eligibility, enrollment, reimbursement, or formulary questions. Streamlining these interactions on-demand, ensures a more efficient workflow for HCPs, benefiting both the healthcare provider and the patient.

CRM Integration

Digital Field Connection integrates directly with your CRM, matching the field rep to the HCP, based on a treatment brand’s territory alignments. This allows HCPs to reach out in real-time, directly to their assigned field reps to request the information they need about specific treatments and pharma-sponsored services, helping HCPs make more informed decisions about patient care.

HCP Benefits

Harnessing EHR Messaging for Real-Time HCP Support

Direct-text within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system allows healthcare professionals (HCPs) to receive real-time support for a variety of patient care challenges including: 

Assistance When Prescribing a Complex Product

When faced with the challenge of prescribing a complex product, HCPs can conveniently message a field representative or Medical Science Liaison (MSL) to seek clarification on indications, dosage, and potential side effects.

Determining Patient Eligibility

In situations where HCPs are uncertain about a patient's eligibility for a specific product, they can promptly message a field representative to conduct a real-time eligibility check, ensuring the patient receives appropriate treatment.

Navigating the Prior Authorization Process

When encountering difficulties with the prior authorization process, HCPs can reach out to a field representative for valuable assistance, streamlining the process and minimizing administrative burdens.

Brand-related Inquiries

Whenever HCPs have questions or concerns regarding a particular brand, they can conveniently message a field representative or MSL to obtain accurate and timely answers, fostering a deeper understanding and confidence in their prescribing decisions.

Guidance on Patient Management

HCPs seeking guidance on effective patient management strategies can leverage the messaging feature to connect with a field representative or MSL, receiving valuable insights and recommendations tailored to their specific patient population.

By utilizing direct-text within the EHR system, HCPs can efficiently access real-time support for a range of challenges they may encounter in their clinical practice. This streamlined communication process not only enhances patient care but also strengthens the professional connection between HCPs and field reps, supporting improved healthcare outcomes.

Enhancing ROI and Script Lift

Digital Field Connection helps achieve higher ROI and script lift for brands in several ways:

By Increasing HCP Engagement

The module makes it easy for HCPs to connect with field reps and MSLs, which can lead to increased engagement. This is especially important for brands with complex eligibility or prescribing requirements, or brands that are launching in new markets. 

Improving Patient Access

Digital Field Connection module can help HCPs overcome market access barriers by providing them with streamlined access to personalized answers about prior authorizations, hub enrollment, and more. This can lead to more patients receiving the treatments they need, which can boost script lift for brands.  

By Increasing Brand Awareness

It can help to increase brand awareness among HCPs by providing them with targeted information about brands within their workflow. This can lead to more prescriptions being written for patients qualified for those brands. 

A win-win situation

DAAP’s Digital Field Connection Module empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers and life science companies to boost ROI and script lift by providing HCPs an efficient and effective way to communicate with field reps. Stronger connections between field reps and HCPs can lead to better patient care and access to essential drugs and therapies for improved health outcomes.