How MNT works —
and how it’s different

Custom-built, patient audiences based on real-word data for hyperlocal targeting 

In today's world of increasingly scrutinized consumer targeting practices, our patented Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting (MNT) platform is trusted by over 150 pharmaceutical brands to reach brand eligible patients while addressing Washington state’s My Health My Data Act (MHMDA) and other emerging state regulations.  

MNT is just what it sounds like: a way to geo-target your patients with an unparalleled level of local precision. It provides a deterministic alternative to commonly used (and often riskier) targeting approaches, such as lookalikes or cookies, while allowing life science brands to identify, prioritize, and reach their patients in hyper-granular, local clusters. 

Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting at a Glance

Reach and engage your ideal patient audiences, regardless of where they live or their preferred media -- including often underserved areas.

HIPAA-compliant data is at the heart of our targeting methodology

We utilize real-world medical evidence including a vast warehouse of open and closed medical claims, commercial and specialty prescription claims, as well an array of consumer attributes and social determinants of health to identify high indexing hyperlocal geographic areas for targeted advertising.

Privacy-safe delivery of targeted advertising based on the prevalence of a healthcare condition

While many vendors in the industry rely on look-alike, contextualized, and modeled audiences to serve ads to potentially brand-eligible patients, OptimizeRx works with safe harbor partners and employs our patented deterministic methods. 

Data-driven messaging can be based on geo-specificity

When developing campaigns you want to consider all attributes of your audience. For example, a type 2 diabetic living in Baton Rouge, LA may have a very different lifestyle than one who lives in Spokane, WA. MNT enables you to consider those differences in your creative and messaging making it more personalized and relevant.

Exceptional Patient Specificity Without Privacy Concerns

What Are Your Top Needs?   Let’s Start There.

We’re here to help you capitalize on the latest marketing science. Our patient-centric, patented solutions dynamically segment, prioritize, and engage HCP and consumer audiences, delivering superior performance and script lift.  

Medical device and medtech brands need to maximize budget efficiency. We drive cost-effective HCP engagement and patient acquisition by finding your ideal audience, then increasing the relevance and actionability of your brand communications. 

Bring your brand strategies to life – and deliver incredible results for your clients. We make it easier for our agency partners to incorporate more precise audience targeting and omnichannel delivery into their marketing campaigns.  


Achieve a New Level of Precision and Impact from Consumer Marketing Programs

Learn more about how data science and technology are driving performance and impact for direct-to-consumer marketing programs. 

Navigating Patient-First Engagement in an Escalating Privacy-Conscious Era

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Reaching Pharma Consumer with Hyperlocal Media Execution