Improving Oncology Outcomes by Using Artificial Intelligence to Help HCP's Identify More Brand-Eligible Patients

See how OptimizeRx drove a 28% increase in patient starts using an AI-driven approach to HCP engagement.


An oncology brand had a significant positive impact on outcomes and quality of life for patients, but a limited window for initiation, and needed to increase patient starts on therapy.

  • 28% increase in patient starts/HCP
  • 33% of new patients from targeted HCPs
  • 3.8:1 return-on-investment


  • Very limited window to initiate treatment due to step therapy requirements.
  • HCPs often became aware of treatment options after the eligibility window had ended.
  • No defined test or trigger to indicate the patient was qualified for brand therapy.

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Developed a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) model that increased patient starts on therapy by using real-world datasets to identify when potentially qualified patients were ready to change the line of therapy ‒ and therefore approaching the eligibility window ‒ then prompting their treating oncologist to consider and initiate therapy with EHR-based communications.


Earlier Patient Identification

Proprietary AI model detected qualified patients just before they become brand-eligible, allowing oncologists to initiate therapy before missing the treatment window.

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Data-Driven Qualification

Algorithm visibility across multiple longitudinal patient datasets, including specific care settings and milestones, allowed the predictive model to identify brand-qualified patients in the absence of a single clear eligibility criteria.


Physician List Validation

Targeted approach focused brand communications on oncologists with qualified patients, allowing for more efficient messaging deployment and field teams to better prioritize HCP calls.

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Point-of-Care Integration

Program introduced directly in the EHR workflow, raising awareness of patient qualification when and where providers were making treatment decisions.

Discover how your brand can use artificial intelligence and real-world data to help HCPs identify qualified patients and initiate therapy earlier.