Omnichannel, AI and Next-Best Action: The Future of HCP Engagement


Join panelists from life sciences, agencies, and technology companies on July 11, 1 p.m. ET.

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Terms like omnichannel, artificial intelligence, data-driven, and real time are defining the conversation around HCP marketing. But there's still a gap between the ubiquitous usage of terms and implementation ability, particularly when it comes to how life science brands can deploy “next best action” communication strategies. These strategies prioritize information targeting and delivery for maximum clinical relevance and engagement – ultimately bringing physicians closer to prescribing your therapy or treatment.

Validation from our physician survey

As part of our discussion, we’ll look at key insights from our recent survey of 120+ physicians across six specialties. The survey showed that physicians want and need certain types of information, both clinical and non-clinical, at specific points of care and on their preferred channels. Their strong responses underscore the power of taking a next-best action strategy.

We’ll take a deep dive into understanding and applying next-best action strategies:

  • Defining what "next best action" means – and how it differs from current engagement approaches 
  • Key data from our physician survey when, where, and why they are seeking information from life science brands 
  • The channel reach, data and targeting tools needed 
  • Why it’s critical to align timing with the patient care journey

You'll leave with an excellent grasp on how to build a smarter HCP engagement program that combines physician-level data, omnichannel reach, and AI-directed targeting to predict and meet physician needs – in real time, and on the channels they prefer. 


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Steve Silvestro

Chief Commercial Officer, OptimizeRx