Did You Miss These Top 2023 Resources for Stronger HCP Engagement?

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Over the course of 2023, life science marketers and their agency partners created unprecedented opportunities to enhance interactions with healthcare professionals. With the increased availability of de-identified patient data, artificial intelligence, and omnichannel networks, new avenues have emerged to connect with HCPs more effectively. As a result, brands can now ensure their content reaches HCPs at the most relevant and actionable moments, maximizing the impact and ROI of their marketing efforts. 

As your brand finalizes your physician engagement strategies for 2024, we invite you to explore our most popular – and valuable – HCP digital engagement resources. From insightful physician surveys to expert-led webinars and more, these resources are designed to empower your brand in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare marketing. Access or download them now to stay ahead of the curve as you shape your plans for the upcoming year.

White Papers and Guides

Downloadable resources with new insights and approaches to strengthen your physician engagement strategies:

  • Every Message, Everywhere, All at Once: Explore where, when and how physicians want to engage – and the key brand information they’re seeking – in this white paper covering our 2023 physician survey.  
  • Specialty-Specific HCP Survey Insights: Not all specialists are alike in their engagement preferences – take a deeper dive into 2023 survey results in your therapeutic area with these data snapshots.  
  • The Holy Grail of Capturing HCP Attention: Discover why AI-driven, patient-centric approaches to next-best action deliver superior results through dynamic audience activation in our latest white paper. 
  • Balancing Omnichannel Precision and Reach: Maximize relevance without sacrificing brand share-of-voice in our guide to data-driven HCP audience definition and targeting. 

Webinars and Podcasts

On-demand streaming of our most popular webinars, broadcasts, and podcasts on HCP digital engagement advances and technologies:

  • Omnichannel, AI and Next-Best Action: Get the experts’ take on how AI and next-best action are transforming brands’ strategies for engaging HCPs and supporting patient care in this webinar, featuring speakers from Janssen, CMI Media, Doximity, and the DHC Group. 
  • Unpacking the Growth in EHR-Based Solutions: Separate market hype from reality with this inside look at how point-of-care solutions help your brand reach and engage HCPs, in this broadcast featuring exclusive interviews with three leading EHR and e-prescribing companies. 
  • Place Your Brand at the Nexus of Care: Learn how the EHR creates opportunities for medical device brands to engage physicians at the moment they’re treating eligible patients, in this medtech-focused webinar. 
  • What Physicians Really Want: Drive clinical engagement and patient acquisition with the insights from part one of our MM+M podcast series on how to align brand strategies to HCPs’ information gaps and channel preferences. 
  • The Future of HCP Engagement: Explore what “next-best action” really means, and how investing in AI and real-world data leads to more efficient HCP marketing, in part two of our MM+M podcast series.


Quick-read insights on how data and technology are revolutionizing tomorrow’s HCP engagement programs:

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