Discover Patients (and Their Providers) When They Are Poised to Change Therapies

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Every day, patients switch to new therapies because of disease progression, side effects, affordability or other factors—potentially delaying patient recoveries, negatively affecting overall health outcomes, or discontinuing use of your brands.  

It can take time and multiple therapy changes to find the right for some patients―particularly oncology, immunology and rheumatology patients; those with chronic conditions; and patients in therapy areas with multiple branded or generic options. The longer it takes, the poorer their health is likely to get. That means it’s vital to find the right option as efficiently as possible. But, until now, helping HCPs with patient discovery has been difficult for life science brands.

Follow the Factors That Necessitate Therapy Change

When providers lack education about the benefits of your therapies, they can’t consider them as a potential next step for a patient. So, every day, brands are missing potential opportunities to support patient onboarding. 

By using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) powered by patient and physician real-world data (RWD), a precision engagement approach to patient discovery offers brand teams a way to predict when patients are poised to switch or advance therapies―and therefore likely to become brand-eligible. By analyzing the same factors used to determine clinical need for changing lines of therapy, as well as factors driven by the patients themselves, brands that embrace this approach can discover those patients and engage their physician with relevant information about the therapeutic fit and benefits of your brand.  

The result is more actionable, targeted HCP communications―ideally delivered directory in the physician workflow. When you can educate physicians at the right moments and in the most convenient channel, you can support patient onboarding to the right therapy sooner. 

Build Your AI + RWD Strategy

To help you get started with using AI and RWD for predictive patient discovery prior to patients advancing to a new line of therapy, OptimizeRx has created a free guide with a step-by-step approach to planning an AI / RWD strategy
. You’ll be guided to determine the information HCPs should know about when and why patients change therapy, what actions they should take, what characteristics define these patients, and more. Once you finish the framework, you’ll have a concrete set of messages and data triggers, mapped to specific points in the care journey as a foundation for your program.  

Overcome the challenge of patient discovery at the moment they're poised to change therapies. Start planning your AI- and RWD-supported patient onboarding strategy now.

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