Next-Best-Action Marketing

Others respond to past physician behavior; we predict and support future patient need. Learn More

DAAP from OptimizeRx

Only our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) Uses AI to Drive Next-Best Actions

With artificial intelligence (AI) and a patent-pending machine learning methodology not found anywhere else, DAAP is the smarter solution for pharma, medtech and agencies looking to increase physician and patient engagement — with an average program ROI of 15:1.

Advanced AI

A robust nucleus of artificial intelligence and real-world data deliver unmatched, real-time targeting to reach the right physicians, at the right time, and on the right channel. DAAP's Patient Discovery module leverages AI and machine learning to predict patient movement and support a next-best-action strategy.

Some companies have AI, others have direct messaging – Only OptimizeRx has both.

Direct Contextual Marketing

Our tech stack includes best-in-breed messaging APIs that connect disparate channels to form a healthcare-specific digital network. We serve relevant information via banners, indicators, and text-based alerts. These robust messaging capabilities set us apart from competitors who can’t fully act on their data.

Some companies have AI, others have direct messaging – Only OptimizeRx has both.

Omnichannel Integration

Be everywhere – and reach the prescribers treating patients who are eligible today. DAAP integrates with more than 300 EHRs, has access to over 2 million HCPs and touches 90% of health systems. It engages only with those most suitable for your brand or franchise’s business need.

Some companies have AI, others have direct messaging – Only OptimizeRx has both.

What Are Your Top Needs? Let’s Start There

Most pharma marketing is driven by tactics, not impact. Our HCP marketing approach starts with your brand’s current needs and challenges, then finds the right solutions and channels to boost your KPIs.

Medical device and medtech brands need to maximize budget efficiency. We drive patient acquisition and ROI by finding the right audience, then increasing the relevance and actionability of your physician communications.

Bring your brand strategies to life and deliver incredible results for your clients with a partner that fills critical data gaps and offers integrated channel reach for smarter, more efficient implementation.

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About OptimizeRx

We’re an award-winning health technology company with deep roots in AI and direct messaging to help reach more physicians (and their patients) across diverse digital channels.

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