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Digital, point-of-care communication - improving affordability and adherence


Digital, point-of-care communication - improving affordability and adherence


How pharma connects with providers to increase patient adherence – it starts with affordability.

OptimizeRx® is the preferred digital communication channel for life sciences to the point-of-care.

Health care is changing. Health care professional (HCPs) are spending over five hours a day in EHRs. The EHR is already the biggest part of their workflow. As an aggregator of the EHR eco-system of 500+ systems into a single connection point, OptimizeRx provides digital messaging options to bring your brand to life in the EHR.

This means more affordability and better adherence. Good news for everyone.

If you’re a brand manager, product manager, or create clinical or patient savings content, contact us for a personalized meeting of how our real-time, point-of-care digital communications will work for you.

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Does it work?

Leading pharma brands have seen TRx increases of 300% of 1200%. Download our ROI Summary to learn more.

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