From symptom presentation through therapy completion, we help life sciences assist providers and patients throughout disease journeys.

See the potential of a single platform, built for life sciences, that encompasses the expanding point-of-care and spans the patient journey to make medication prescribing and access easier.

Awareness & Presentation

Support prescribers

By providing easy access to information that is tailored to their patient populationsfacilitates discussion, and clarifies prescribing indicators – within the digital channels they use most frequently. 

Support patients

With disease awareness education, distributed at the point-of-care, that’s simple to consume and allows them to interact according to their own preferences and needs. 

Diagnosis & Treatment Selection

Support prescribers

By giving them visibility on your financial assistance and patient support programs so they have all the information they need to make the best decision with their patients.  

Support patients

With earliest-possible introduction to your financial assistance and support programs through their doctor, right when they receive their first prescription. 

Treatment Initiation & First 90 days

Support prescribers

By eliminating the prescribing burden for medications with prior authorizations, or those filled through specialty pharmacy or limited distribution networks. 

Support patients

With reduced time-to-fill for specialty medications, mobile copay, and simple onboarding to personalized support programs. 

Treatment management in chronic conditions

Support prescribers

By providing tools to patients that enable them to communicate effectively about their experience while on treatment. 

Support patients

By helping them understand their treatment, manage complex dosing schedules, and cope with side-effects using omni-channel engagement. 

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Healthcare partners

The OptimizeRx platform offers access to curated life sciences resources for your users, designed to augment their prescribing process, improve patient experience, and support positive outcomes. 

API documentation & Dev resources

Integrating the OptimizeRx platform with your EHR, eRx, or other HIT platform is simple, easy, and benefits everyone. You can request API documentation online here.

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Our technology platform has experienced record growth quarter over quarter

When you have a platform that serves a crucial need in the marketplace, it's no surprise that you'll get noticed. We continue to make headlines, and great progress, in the Healthcare IT industry. 

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