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Reach Providers with Important COVID-19 Messages
Platform Use: Pharma Brands

Reach HCPs and Patients where, and when, it matters most

The OptimizeRx platform has the largest EHR network reach, proprietary algorithms, the data you need, and the applications to drive the right message, to the right person, at the right time - at the point-of-care and throughout the care continuum.

Platform Use: Specialty Brands

Vital Enrollment Steps, Complex Dosing Regimens - High Stakes for Patients and You

With our Hub Specialty Enroll, we increase the chance of onboarding a patient to the treatment plan they need. With our Patient Engagement application, you can guide patients, and their caregivers, through highly complex dosing regimens using mobile messaging to help them adhere - driving outcomes.


Our technology platform has experienced record growth quarter over quarter

When you have a platform that serves a crucial need in the marketplace, it's no surprise that you'll get noticed. We continue to make headlines, and great progress, in the Healthcare IT industry.


The OptimizeRx platform offers access to the largest EHR network, proprietary algorithms, patient adherence applications, tools to engage providers in workflow, and more.

Whether you are developing the strategy to bring your product to market, extend therapies, or facing LOE, OptimizeRx has the platform and services you need to onboard patients, improve access, extend time on therapy, and enhance your brand's success.

600 million patients served
Patients Served Since 2010
~0 million
Over 50% ambulatory market reached
Ambulatory Market Reached
over 0%


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