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Presenting the most effective way to serve up brand success in the EHR.

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Presenting the most effective way to serve up brand success in the EHR.

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A special tribute to our friend and colleague, Brian J Dillon

It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Brian J Dillon. Brian made an immense contribution to the success of OptimizeRx as SVP Product and Strategy in our formative years. His dedication, friendship, and positive attitude will never be forgotten by the team here at OptimizeRx.  Brian will be missed by his family and the many friends who admired and respected him in the industry.

OptimizeRx puts pharma brands in the right place at the right time.

The pharma sales environment is changing. Health care professionals (HCPs) spend over three hours a day using the electronic health record (EHR). So reaching them outside of their workflow gets tougher every day.

OptimizeRx® revolutionizes the point of care experience for HCP by integrating total brand support into the EHR, leading to better patient care and improved outcomes. Financial messaging. Patient education materials. Brand messaging. Brand support. And much more.

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As the leading aggregator of pharma services for the EHR, OptimizeRx puts brands in the right place at the right time: into the HCPs workflow. Whether you're a brand manager, market access manager or EHR partner, it's time to get a taste of better success with OptimizeRx.

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