How DAAP works — and how it’s different

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Some HCP marketing approaches use AI, some feature direct messaging, and some rely on large networks — but only DAAP combines all of these. It’s a holistic solution that pulls everything together into powerful, agile modules that solve pressing, everyday challenges such as brand awareness, adherence, access, and onboarding hard-to-find patients.

Our legacy as a point-of-care messaging provider combines with a patent-pending, proprietary AI platform and machine learning to integrate real-time, real-world data across EHR, social, and display channels. We deliver personalized, highly relevant brand information — not generic marketing — to HCPs at the right time, place and channel.

Predictive targeting streamlines spend while delivering high performance and maximum market penetration.

An Overview of the DAAP Flow

Using DAAP, we launch AI-driven campaigns on your behalf and quickly deliver results for your brand.

Curate Audience

Our omnichannel campaigns begin with AI-driven audience development and segmentation and predicting real points of care. Our clinical consultants work with you to determine what HCP actions you want to drive.

Deploy Messages

Directed by its AI engine, our DAAP omnichannel platform sends brief, relevant clinical and non-clinical messages that align with your HCP targets’ information needs, distributed on their preferred channels, at or ahead of key care moments or leakage points. Compared with generic ad impressions, this precision segmentation and delivery offers better market penetration.

Report and Optimize

Physician data generated from the campaign is used to enhance and refine your audience list and channel distribution strategy. Updated NPI lists and campaign impact are reported weekly.

Features for exponentially more effective programs

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We’re here to help you capitalize on the latest marketing science. Our patient-centric, patented solutions dynamically segment, prioritize, and engage HCP and consumer audiences, delivering superior performance and script lift.

Medical device and medtech brands need to maximize budget efficiency. We drive cost-effective HCP engagement and patient acquisition by finding your ideal audience, then increasing the relevance and actionability of your brand communications.

Bring your brand strategies to life and deliver incredible results for your clients. We make it easier for our agency partners to incorporate more precise audience targeting and omnichannel delivery into their marketing campaigns.

Proven, real-world results and higher ROI


Driving Script Lift by Engaging HCPs at Multiple Points in the EHR Workflow


Improving Oncology Outcomes by Using Artificial Intelligence to Help HCP's Identify More Brand-Eligible Patients


average program ROI


average script lift


of limited distribution drug scripts reaching the right pharmacy using Access and Adherence module


growth in new NPI identification for clients using Patient Discovery module