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Unlocking HCP and DTC Alignment Through Precision Patient Centricity

MM+M Media Summit 2023 - Health Media and the Equity Conversation

Omnichannel, AI and Next-Best Action: The Future of HCP Engagement

Terms like omnichannel, artificial intelligence, data-driven, and real time are defining the conversation around HCP marketing. But there's still a gap between the ubiquitous usage of terms and implementation ability, particularly when it comes to how life science brands can deploy “next best action...

Place Your Brand at the Nexus of Care with EHR-Based Digital Strategies

Searching for a digital strategy that creates new opportunities for medical device and medtech brands to engage physicians at the moment they are actively treating brand-eligible patients? Over the last few years, there's been incredible growth in healthcare communication and digital marketing techn...

How pharma brand teams can harness the power of privacy-safe personalization for OTT/CTV

With streaming services offering more economical and content-filled options, the trend of reducing cable subscriptions is expected to accelerate. Brand managers must now consider this as a potential channel to add to their marketing strategy. In this webinar, Medicx (Now part of OptimizeRx) and Madh...

Watch Unpacking the Growth in EHR-Based Solutions for Life Sciences

As a life sciences marketer, you’ve heard how EHR-based solutions can help your brand reach healthcare providers (HCPs) at the point of care. But with so many companies claiming to provide access to physicians through the EHR, it’s hard to separate marketing hype from the reality.

Secrets of a Data Ninja: How Artificial Intelligence and Real-World Data Elevate HCP Engagement

Artificial intelligence and real-world data are hot topics in pharma marketing, but how can your organization best use these tools to improve the efficiency, impact and return of HCP engagement programs? Download Your Free E-Book Now "Precision Engagement: A Better Solution" Watch our recent webinar...

Return on Insights: RWE in Action in Pharma Marketing – Challenges, Examples, and Future Opportunities

While pharma has been using real-world data (RWD) to generate real-world evidence (RWE) for clinical trials, post-marketing, and R&D for decades, the emergence and applicability of RWD to the sales, marketing, and commercial side of the house is now ramping up. Many organizations are exploring t...

Applications in Advanced Analytics to Increase Early Treatment Rates in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how applications in advanced analytics and machine learning, can leverage clinical expertise in analyzing RWD to create predictive profiles of patients who meet the criteria for early MS treatment.

The NPI Data Craze: Value vs. Hype

NPI data is the new craze. While data in healthcare abounds, the industry is still learning how to dice it and slice it, and in this case, how to harness the power of NPI data at point of care in an omni-channel world. So how can we tell myth from fact? Better put, how can we differentiate value fro...

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