OptimizeRx + Medicx: Looking Ahead to Better Pharmaceutical Marketing

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Chief Commercial Officer OptimizeRx Corporation

The end of the year is often a time for reflection, as we think back on our experiences, learnings, successes, and setbacks. But it’s also an occasion to visualize next year’s goals and priorities – and get excited about all we can accomplish once the calendar turns to January. 

For me, this period of reflection and forethought takes on additional significance, coming on the heels of OptimizeRx’s Q4 acquisition of Medicx Health. I find myself looking back at my accomplishments as President of Medicx, and looking forward to the exciting possibilities in my new role as Chief Commerical Officer at OptimizeRx.  

An Evolution in Pharmaceutical Marketing

I joined Medicx after spending over two decades in the life science and pharmaceutical marketing space. In that time, our industry has shifted from a landscape dominated by blockbuster drugs and ever-present sales reps to one focused on narrow disease states and personalized physician support. The proliferation of both data sources and processing technologies has given us better tools to unlock new insights and understanding. And the world-changing impact of COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of digital channels and communications.

This combination of science and business in service of better patient outcomes is what drew me to life sciences, and seeing that balance evolve over the past years has been thrilling. While I’ve only been part of OptimizeRx for a short period of time, it's readily apparent they share my energy and commitment to improving patient care through the smarter application of data, technology and clinical knowledge in pharmaceutical marketing.  

If It’s Ripe, Pick It

Early in my career, one of my managers at Pfizer told me: “if it’s green let it grow; if it’s ripe, pick it.” Their advice has stuck with me over the years – and now resonates strongly as we determine which opportunities are “ripe” for 2024.

We have a tremendous opportunity to bring together the OptimizeRx Dynamic Audience Activation Platform, and Medicx’s patented Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting – combining Medicx’s expertise in omnichannel consumer education with OptimizeRx’s expertise in AI-driven HCP engagement to deliver truly differentiated solutions. And the time is ripe to harness our technology to better serve our life science clients and their HCP / patient customers.  

Together, we can increase access to the information needed to make more informed treatment choices, reduce provider burdens, and drive improvements in patients' lives. And by transforming how brands plan, execute and optimize their marketing initiatives, we can help life science manufacturers feel confident their therapy is reaching the patients who need it. Won’t you join us on this journey?

Avatar for Theresa Greco
Chief Commercial Officer
OptimizeRx Corporation