The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Audience Design for Healthcare Marketing - By Medicx | An OptimizeRx Company

Most advertisers are only able to achieve audience match rates between 29% and 62%. And the reality is that cookie-based targeting and traditional consumer marketing don’t help pharma brands use their ad dollars as efficiently as they could.

Omnichannel Marketing Warrants a Holistic Clinical and Consumer View

Pharmaceutical brands need to build digital audiences that can reliably help them:

  • Increase script lift. Target brand-eligible patients and the HCPs that treat them to get more patients on brand.
  • Spend advertising budgets efficiently. Reach more brand-eligible patients and HCPs without having to break your budget.
  • Reduce risk.Target patients addressing the most rigorous compliance standards state-by-state.

In this ebook you’ll learn that true omnichannel marketing is built and executed on a foundation of high-fidelity data that precisely targets HCPs and patients at vital touchpoints across the healthcare journey.