The NPI Data Craze: Value vs. Hype

NPI data is the new craze. While data in healthcare abounds, the industry is still learning how to dice it and slice it, and in this case, how to harness the power of NPI data at point of care in an omni-channel world. So how can we tell myth from fact? Better put, how can we differentiate value from hype?

Join us for a deep dive on NPI data where we’ll discuss topics ranging from:

  • What we can learn from NPI data and corresponding data points
  • The omni-channel world, and how data is leveraged differently
  • The ins and outs of what makes NPI data so unique
  • Where the industry is heading


Meet the thought leaders

Avatar for Angelo Campano

Angelo Campano

General Manager, Commercial Products, Doximity
Avatar for Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson

Senior Manager, Payer & Health Systems Analytics, Exact Sciences
Avatar for Destry Sulkes

Destry Sulkes

EVP, Growth, Klick Health