Learning Together: Frontline HCP Communication During COVID-19

We continue tackling the challenges and potential solutions for frontline healthcare providers (HCPs) facing the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll discuss how healthcare leaders are maximizing the power of digital tools like the EHR to provide better care for more patients.

This webinar is designed to be a resource for HCPs and healthcare executives as we all learn together to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Approaching the topic from a variety of angles (providers, digital health messaging, and EHR communications), this unique panel will provide a valuable opportunity for participants to learn and engage with industry leaders in this discussion about designing solutions to combat the coronavirus.


Meet the thought leaders

Avatar for Rusty Frantz

Rusty Frantz

Chief Executive Officer, NextGen Healthcare
Avatar for Phil Febbo MD

Phil Febbo MD

Chief Medical Officer, Illumina
Avatar for William Febbo

William Febbo

Chief Executive Officer, OptimizeRx