Learning Together: COVID-19 Tracing, Tracking and Testing: Challenges, Benefits and Transformation


As we re-open the country, what is the role of tracing, tracking and testing as we manage COVID-19? How do we weigh safety vs. risk, and public health vs. economic impact? We're bringing together three leading experts in tracing, tracking, and testing to tell us how tech is transforming these methodologies to ramp up the ability to open safely. We'll also discuss:

  • The importance of tracing, tracking and testing in a pandemic 

  • What we’re learning from other nations 

  • The challenges we’re facing 

  • What early learnings we can draw from this pandemic that could help us in future 

  • Traditional methodologies for tracing, and how technology is changing them 

  • Privacy issues we should consider when discussing technology’s role in tracking, tracing and testing


Meet the thought leaders

Avatar for John Werner

John Werner

Managing Director, Link Ventures
Avatar for Gabor Bethlendy

Gabor Bethlendy

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Meenta
Avatar for Greg Nadeau

Greg Nadeau

Program Manager, PathCheck
Avatar for Rebecca Love RN, MSN, FIEL

Rebecca Love RN, MSN, FIEL

Chief Clinical Officer, IntelyCare