Applications in Advanced Analytics to Increase Early Treatment Rates in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how applications in advanced analytics and machine learning
, can leverage clinical expertise in analyzing RWD to create predictive profiles of patients who meet the criteria for early MS treatment. 

In the same way, advanced analytics can be applied to identify HCPs treating those patients along the journey and predict the best moments to share MS treatment information with those HCPs at the point of care – within their workflow. This ability to reach HCPs supports a proactive approach to treatment since they can be reached using an omnichannel approach, providing information beyond the EHR and even when they’re not with the patients.


Meet the thought leaders

Avatar for Eze Abosi

Eze Abosi

Head, Real World Evidence Solutions, OptimizeRx
Avatar for Adam Almozlino

Adam Almozlino

VP of Data and Product Strategy, OptimizeRx
Avatar for Mark Bard

Mark Bard

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The DHC Group
Avatar for Rebecca Love RN, MSN, FIEL

Rebecca Love RN, MSN, FIEL

Chief Clinical Officer, IntelyCare