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We’re inviting some of our closest healthcare-loving friends to join us for a series of virtual conversations and events with OptimizeRx and other industry leaders. Great conversations lead to great partnerships and opportunities—so please join us! 

It’s all free, all healthcare, all technology, all thought leadership, all transformative, and all patient-first. 

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Upcoming Events



Pharma USA 2021


Location: Virtual

May 25 - June 4, 2021

Join us in May at Pharma USA 2021, where pharma’s first virtual congress to support its pandemic response reconvenes to be the first forum to look beyond the pandemic to pharma’s future.







Decoding Digital Health For Life Sciences

Location: Virtual

June 15 - 16, 2021

Join us at this inaugural event, a unique conference focused on connecting real-world solutions to real-world challenges. Come away with an actionable understanding of how pharma can be the bridge across an ailing healthcare system, a growing array of digital health solutions, and patients who are otherwise left to their own devices.

Previous Events



Innovate4Outcomes: Tackling the Industry’s Top Challenges at our Annual Design Thinking Event


Location: Virtual

Dec 3, 2020

The event brings together some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders to innovate solutions for new and traditional healthcare challenges. During this 5-day virtual event, we discuss how the healthcare industry had to quickly adapt to new challenges, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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How to Improve Patient Outcomes

DPIW - OptimizeRx Edit1


Digital Pharma Innovation Week 2020



Location: Virtual


Oct 19- 23, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us at DPI, where dozens of life science speakers addressed their approach to digital innovation. You can still catch the discussion between Zohaib Sheikh, Head of programming, Fierce Life Science, and and Miriam Paramore, President, OptimizeRx.


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Hear from industry leaders in the fields of healthcare technology.

We would like to invite you to meet us at one of these upcoming webinars! We look forward to meeting you, and always reach out if we can collaborate!


Upcoming Webinars

There are not upcoming webinars at this time. Please check back for updates.

Previous Webinars


The Status and Future of the Shift to NPP in Pharma Marketing

Duration: 60 min

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss what we’re hearing about practical methods that pharma is using to balance personal and non-personal promotion, as well as the importance of interconnectivity across virtual digital platforms

March 2, 2021







Innovative Ideas to Transform New Medication Launches: A Case Study and Panel Discussion

Duration: 60 min

During this webinar our panelists will review a special case study of a highly successful patient engagement program that combined nurse support with text-based communication, leading to over 34% engagement and averaging 14 minutes per session. 

September 24, 2020





HIT Growth Funding During and After COVID-19 

Duration: 45 min

This is a discussion about tele-everything in the face of COVID-19. The Coronavirus pandemic is pushing everyone to transform, and HIT companies are pivoting on a dime to deal with social distancing and address care delivery 

August 9–13, 2021






Learning Together: The Rapid Adoption of Telehealth During COVID-19. Will it Stick?

Duration: 60 min

Join us as we discuss the intricacies and opportunities of this extraordinary moment for telemedicine, the growing importance of virtual care and its place in telehealth, and what these changes imply for the healthcare industry as a whole

April 22, 2020





Learning Together: Frontline HCP Communication During COVID-19

Duration: 60 min

This webinar is designed to be a resource for HCPs and healthcare executives as we all learn together to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 26, 2020






Improving Adherence Via Interactive Messaging

Duration: 30 min

This session will focus on the barriers to successful therapy adherence, including treatment affordability, confusing therapy regimens, unexpected side effects, and more. It will address how to overcome the barriers to successful therapy adherence and engage patients throughout their healthcare journey.

March 11, 2020




Learning Together: COVID-19 Tracing, Tracking and Testing: Challenges, Benefits and Transformation

Duration: 60 min

What is the role of tracing, tracking and testing as we manage COVID-19? How do we weigh safety vs. risk, and public health vs. economic impact? We're bringing together three leading experts in tracing, tracking, and testing to tell us how tech is transforming these methodologies to ramp up the ability to open safely.

May 21, 2020





Learning Together: Digital Engagement and NPP for Pharma During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Duration: 60 min

With healthcare on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding new ways to connect with patients and providers has become paramount. In this session, we will explore how different life science companies are navigating change, how digital plans can help (and how they can't), and provide thoughtful conversation on the ways in which healthcare must adapt moving forward. 





Learning Together: The Transformational Nature of COVID-19 on the Healthcare Industry

Duration: 60 min

We invite all in healthcare—digital and beyond—to join us as we continue our practical conversations series with industry leaders, exploring the transformational trends and changes that are occurring in our healthcare ecosphere today.

April 8, 2020





Learning Together: Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Duration: 60 min

A practical conversation with some of nursing’s brightest minds and leading organizations, answering the question: How can healthcare organizations navigate the particular challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic?

March 19, 2020





CDC Coronavirus Alerts at the Point-of-Care: The Power of EHR Platform Communications

Duration: 30 min

This new utilization of the OptimizeRx platform connects information from the CDC specifically to support health care providers (HCPs) as they monitor the evolution and containment of COVID-19.

March 11, 2020



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