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Discover Our EHR-Based Medtech Marketing Solutions at MedDev

How can medical device brands improve HCP engagement with EHR-based digital strategies? The healthcare industry has experienced dramatic changes in communication technology in recent years, evolving to meet the shifting needs of brands embracing digital-first approaches to medical device marketing. ...

Explore the New Era of AI-Driven Real-World Data at MM+M Transform

Learn how life sciences brands can preserve patient data privacy in real-world data and artificial intelligence models The use of patient real-world health data (RWD) and artificial intelligence (AI) to direct HCP engagement tactics and drive brand growth continues to grow. However, pharma marketers...

Explore the Future of Pharma Marketing at DigiPharma Connect

How can pharma marketers embrace innovative digital strategies to best support HCPs during the care journey? As the need for strong omnichannel digital strategies increases for HCP marketers, there’s one channel that is often misunderstood and overlooked: social media. In fact, with 46% of physician...

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