Point of Care NOW: Leveraging EHR Platforms for HCP Engagement

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Location: New York, NY

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Exploring Cutting-Edge Point-Of-Care Marketing Strategies

Most people know OptimizeRx for the strength of our Electronic Health Network (EHR) network for copay and brand message delivery, but today, we continue to build on our point-of-care legacy with the introduction of the
Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP). 

Join us at Point of Care NOW for an in-depth look at how DAAP is expanding the reach and precision of POC marketing for increased script impact and stronger marketing ROI. Don’t miss our panel session with other industry leaders, “Maximizing EHR Platforms: Cutting-Edge Patient and HCP Engagement Strategies”, where OptimizeRx’s SVP of Marketing, Maria Cipicchio, will be sharing insights on how EHR systems can effectively engage patients and healthcare providers, along with real-world case study results showcasing the impact of dynamic tools like DAAP.  

Putting the EHR in Omnichannel, Data-Driven Marketing

DAAP capitalizes on the opportunities in point-of-care marketing, capturing the attention of healthcare providers across multiple channels during critical patient care windows.

The EHR plays an important role in omnichannel programs, allowing brands to build on high-level brand awareness activities with a clinically-relevant presence at the point-of-prescribe. By aligning messages and channel delivery with key patient care windows from the top to bottom of your marketing funnel DAAP, increases the precision, relevance, and reach, brands. And the impact of DAAP is proven; the platform delivers an average 25% script lift – an increase over the already impressive results of EHR-only programs. 

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