Elevate Your HCP Engagement Strategy at the Pharma CX Oncology Summit

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Location: The Nassau Inn. Princeton, NJ

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Physicians are demanding more curated, actionable information from life science manufacturers, and oncology is no different. In a recent survey, 55% of oncologists agreed or strongly agreed that brand information is more valuable when it closely aligns with their current patient panels. And when asked what brands can do to create an engaging experience, oncologists reported that providing timely information on new products, sharing data clearly and concisely, and providing clearer eligibility information were the most preferred behaviors. 

So how can your oncology brand meet these needs and create a positive brand experience for both providers and patients? Join OptimizeRx at the Pharma CX Oncology Summit, where we’ll be discussing the current state of HCP engagement in oncology, the unique needs of oncologists and their care teams, and the innovations that are helping strengthen HCP-brand relationships. In addition, SVP Jen Dwyer will be participating in panel discussion, “Building Blocks for Improving the Oncology HCP Experience,” alongside industry leaders from Merck, AbbVie, Sanofi, and Eisai.

If you’re planning to attend the summit, we’d welcome the chance to learn more about your current approach to the HCP brand experience and explore the additional value OptimizeRx’s AI-driven solutions could bring. Register today, or connect with us there!

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