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In an era where rapid healthcare reforms are transforming traditional brand commercial models, finding a privacy-safe approach to patient-first HCP marketing is crucial. Join OptimizeRx at Pharma USA and learn how our latest innovations, including the integration of Medicx, are transforming brand engagement and impact for life science marketers. 

OptimizeRx is known for the strength of our EHR network for copay and brand message delivery, but in response to today’s industry shifts, we now run an AI-driven, omnichannel, next-best-action platform – our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) 

DAAP is a fusion of cutting-edge technology and patient-centric strategies that’s tailored for these dynamic times. It blends real-world patient data with physician behavior data (PLD) for more precise, timely, and relevant information delivery, so treatment decisions are more informed on both sides. As result, programs on DAAP see:  

  • 20-50% increase in program reach, without compromising targeting precision 
  • Average 25% script lift, compared to the average 15% lift of our trigger-based EHR programs 
  • Real-time campaign optimization through a next-best-action approach 
  • Enhanced interactions between healthcare providers and patients 

And through our 2023 acquisition of Medicx, we now offer new privacy-safe, direct-to-consumer capabilities that not only diversify DAAP's audience and channel reach, but also allow for more complementary, coordinated consumer and HCP marketing,  

Interested in maximizing your channel reach with a patient-first platform? Let’s connect at Pharma USA - book a meeting with our team to discover what we can do to maximize your patient engagement and HCP marketing strategies.

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