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Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Schedule your one-on-one meeting with a member of our team at Pharma USA to explore how our digital omnichannel solutions can improve HCP engagement and increase brand reach.

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Searching for ways to increase omnichannel reach and advance HCP engagement goals?

Omnichannel strategies continue to be one of the most talked-about trends for HCP marketers, but too often the focus is on abstract concepts, not real-world applications.

Join OptimizeRx at Pharma USA to learn how your brand can move from talking about omnichannel marketing to implementing practical omnichannel strategies, using the right combination of targeting methodologies and channel deployment to deliver a positive brand experience for your stakeholders.  

Meet us on the show floor or sign up for our collaborative workshop: “Break Down the Buzzwords with a Practical Approach to Implementation.” Led by Angelo Campano, SVP Market Engagement, and Maria Cipicchio, SVP Marketing & Communications, this hands-on session will show you how to go beyond omnichannel as a buzzword with practical approaches to:  

  • Break down the HCP and patient journey to identify the key milestones and ideal channel mix 
  • Determine how real-world data can be applied to facilitate cross-channel communication 
  • Monitor, assess, and optimize your omnichannel programs to facilitate true channel orchestration and enable efficient measurement practices

If you're interested in learning more about our digital omnichannel solutions, let’s connect at Pharma USA. Book a meeting with our team to discover what we can do to maximize your HCP engagement with EHR-based digital solutions.

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