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How do healthcare providers discover and interact with your medical device brand?

COVID-19 forced us to rethink almost every aspect of the healthcare industry. For life science companies specifically, finding effective ways to engage providers outside of traditional, in-person methods has become an essential focus—enter digital engagement strategies. Over the past three years, the entire industry has been working at warp speed to make a digital pivot. Now, it’s finally time to assess how effective these digital strategies have actually been.

As you crunch the numbers, you may find that your digital engagement isn't adding up. And if you haven’t found the right solution, you could be missing out on market share. It’s time to find a smarter digital engagement strategy—one designed to leverage AI and RWD in order to help you reach, and even surpass, pre-pandemic engagement metrics. That's exactly what we'll be showcasing at the 2022 MedDev eMarketing Summit.

The OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform connects medical device brands with 700,000+ healthcare providers, using a precision engagement methodology built on AI/RWD to target HCPs at the moment they are treating qualified patients. Our technology bridges awareness gaps by engaging healthcare providers through seamless, in-workflow digital tools, allowing for strategic brand engagement beyond the awareness phase and supporting patients and providers with highly relevant information at critical junctures throughout the care journey – improving overall patient health

Our clients benefit from:

  • AI-directed, real-time HCP communications to raise awareness of device benefits, formulary coverage and financial assistance programs  
  • Personalized, scalable patient engagement programs that use a text-messaging platform to increase access to critical support service

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