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Join us at Fierce Pharma’s exclusive, invite-only summit for executive-level marketing professionals—Digital Pharma Engage.  We’ll be helping brands analyze the effectiveness of their digital engagement strategy and offering innovative solutions that improve the provider and patient experience. Keep reading to learn more.

Maximize Patient and Provider Engagement by Embedding Brand Messaging Into the Clinical Workflow

Implementing a successful digital engagement strategy starts with finding the right channel.  By engaging providers through their EHR, marketers can reach HCPs, and their patients, at the exact moment critical health decisions are being made.

But finding the right channel is just the beginning. Brand teams also need to personalize HCP messaging, streamline therapy initiation and access, onboard patients in financial assistance or support services, and provide resources to patients beyond the clinical setting. OptimizeRx takes the guesswork out of these critical optimizations, improving the digital experience for both patients and providers by integrating innovative technology for HCPs into the clinical workflow, and providing text-message-based engagement opportunities to increase patient adherence.

Here are some of the ways we help brand teams with our innovative technology:

  • Precision Engagement: Utilizing a novel methodology that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and real-world data (RWD), precision engagement improves the relevance, accuracy and impact of EHR-based brand communications. 
  • Access Solutions: By streamlining therapy initiation and patient engagement through EHR-based onboarding, our access solutions help brands reduce HCP burden and overcome patient access barriers. 
  • Digital Patient Engagement: By facilitating access to critical patient resources through our personalized, scalable text-messaging technology, our digital patient engagement tool provides personalized support in order to increase medication adherence.

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