Migraine Treatment Barriers: Examining Underdiagnosis And Undertreatment

Review the full report to better understand the barriers of symptom tracking difficulty, underdiagnosis, and undertreatment for migraine, and the impact they can have on your brand’s patient share.

Through our enterprise platform, OptimizeRx can help reach migraine patients and their care providers at every step of the journey from symptom presentation to maintaining recommended therapies.

OptimizeRx’s recently published report reveals valuable insights for migraine treatment manufacturers, including:

  • How nearly 30 million suffering from migraine in the US are undiagnosed, and of those with diagnosis 5-in-6 do not receive preventative therapy

  • How beginning regular preventative therapy can reduce patient dependence on acute treatment regimens

  • Advocacy and the opportunity to overcome disease misconceptions in diagnosis and treatment, bringing more patients into preventative treatment programs