Case Studies

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Driving Patient Support Program Enrollment by Aligning Invitations with Digital Copay Card Access

See how OptimizeRx converted 19% of patients to digital support program by engaging them alongside copay card registration.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Engagement with Highly Targeted, Personalized Account-Based Marketing

Learn how the OptimizeRx omnichannel network delivered a 203% increase in brand website visits from targeted hospitals.

Building Market Share Before Loss of Exclusivity with EHR-Based Physician Communications

See how OptimizeRx drove a 74% script lift by raising brand awareness directly in the clinical workflow.

Driving Script Lift by Engaging HCPs at Multiple Points in the EHR Workflow

Discover how OptimizeRx delivered a 30:1 ROI by integrating brand content into the care journey.

Improving Oncology Outcomes by Using Artificial Intelligence to Help HCP's Identify More Brand-Eligible Patients

See how OptimizeRx drove a 28% increase in patient starts using an AI-driven approach to HCP engagement.

Applying AI and RWE to Prevent Discontinuation Due to Medicare Coverage Gaps

See how OptimizeRx Evidence-Based Physician Engagement generated 46K+ incremental prescriptions by predicting when patient drug costs were about to increase.

Building Awareness of Patient Support Programs at the Point-of-Care

See how OptimizeRx drove a 93% engagement rate with hub enrollment materials by using an EHR-based approach.

Increasing Hub Efficiency and Utilization with a Centralized Digital Strategy

Learn how OptimizeRx drove a 300% increase in the number of prescriptions routed through the central hub by improving the HCP experience.

Driving Utilization of Central Intake Pharmacy with EHR-Based Notifications

See how OptimizeRx directed 94% of script volume from our EHR network to the client's preferred central pharmacy

Increasing Medication Affordability to Drive Prescription Volume

Learn how OptimizeRx delivered a 54% script lift per HCP by raising awareness of brand co-pay and voucher offers in the EHR.

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