Case Studies

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Driving Script Lift by Raising Awareness of Formulary Coverage Update Within the EHR

See how OptimizeRx generated a 37% increase in average eRx/HCP by engaging HCPs at multiple points in the patient care journey.

Increasing Patient Access by Raising HCP Awareness of Formulary Coverage

See how OptimizeRx generated a 12:1 ROI by promoting formulary changes at the point-of-care that led to increased medication affordability.

Increasing HCP Engagement with MSLs Using Interactive EHR Communications

See how OptimizeRx’s Digital Field Connection solution generated multiple connection requests from 58% of participating HCPs.

Engaging HCPs With a Newly Launched Product Through Interactive EHR Communications

Learn how OptimizeRx delivered a 200% ROI by using our Digital Field Connection technology to increase HCP engagement with pharma field team.

Converting Patients to a New Medical Device by Raising Awareness within the EHR Workflow

Discover how OptimizeRx delivered a 200% ROI for a continuous glucose monitoring device by identifying qualified patients at the point-of-care.

Increasing Prescription Volumes with a Targeted HCP Engagement Campaign

See how a layered, contextually-placed awareness program generated 35K incremental prescriptions by increasing brand engagement throughout the care journey

Driving Prescription Volume by Increasing Awareness of Copay Assistance

Discover how OptimizeRx generated a 40:1 return on investment by raising provider engagement with brand savings offer

Driving Incremental Revenue Through a Provider Refill Awareness Program

Learn how OptimizeRx generated 3,000+ incremental refills and a 30% increase from baseline Rx volumes in just three months.

Increasing Provider Awareness and Treatment Affordability to Grow Brand Sales

Learn how OptimizeRx generated a 58% sales lift with targeted communications at critical moments in the care journey

Transitioning Patients to Newer Therapy with Financial Support Awareness

Learn how OptimizeRx delivered 3000 new prescriptions by increasing provider awareness of a brand's financial support program

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