Patient-Centric Care: The Evolution of our Digital Health Solution

31 January 2020

In the fall of 2019 we acquired RMDY, a digital therapeutics company, to take our communication platform outside the care setting. Through that acquisition we gained an amazing team of incredibly diverse and talented individuals who are now part of our OptimizeRx family. One of those individuals is Amir Kishon, who in addition to leading RMDY, has a rich and unusual background outside the health tech industry.

Amir’s rich background and the story behind how RMDY came to exist were recently featured in the Israeli newspaper, Globes, one of the leading business newspapers in the nation. The feature, which was written and published in Hebrew, goes beyond RMDY and health tech, in addressing his background as the son of Ephraim Kishon - a famous Israeli satirist, author and playwright. His father wasn’t necessarily keen on his entrepreneurial ventures, but still invested in Amir’s first startup. Although at a glance it would be hard to see the connection or influence of his father on his business endeavors, Amir’s father was a key figure in supporting and connecting him to key people along the journey.

Amir Kishon with Father Ephraim Kishon
One of the many highlights of the journey came at the very beginning of RMDY, when their platform strategy was still on the drawing board, and they landed a deal with Medtronic to help develop a digital care management system for diabetic patients. That gave them the push to finish developing their agile application framework, and the traction to succeed. Amir shared with Globes how RMDY’s platform serves major medical insurers, and among other things helps Emblem Health, a NYC based health plan, to support pregnant women at risk. Customers include hospitals such as Dana Farber but also Hadassah [Israeli hospital], and pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, AHA, Bayer and Merck.  Together they serve over 50,000 patients, across multiple therapeutic areas.

Before RMDY became the robust patient engagement platform it is today, it had to evolve and overcome major shifts in the health tech landscape. What started as a direct-to-consumer diet subscription business (Softwatch, then DietWatch), underwent two major pivots in order to succeed in the swiftly changing landscape. The first saw them evolve into a B2B white-label customer community portal, Wellness Layers. During that stage in the company’s history, they had the opportunity to work with brands like Atkins, Nutrisystem, Medifast, NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” and many other wellness companies. Their second pivot, driven by healthcare’s entrance to the free social platform revolution, became an opportunity to look at the bigger picture and refocus. At that point, Amir and his team realized digital therapeutics would be the future of patient-centric care, and evolved their company into a SaaS solution – RMDY – empowering treatment manufacturers and healthcare insurers to implement digitally-enabled programs designed to enhance the patient care experience and support positive health outcomes.

The Globes feature highlights Amir’s unique transcontinental journey, which has been full of lessons in entrepreneurship and the power of curiosity and perseverance. This spirit resonates across the culture of the RMDY team, and is one of multiple reasons that OptimizeRx and RMDY were, and remain, a uniquely well-suited match.

Big thanks to Shlomit Len and Gali Weinreb from Globes for this feature.