MedCart Specialty Pharmacy Selects CareSpeak* Communications to Help Patients Adhere to Their Therapy

13 October 2016

Livonia, MI, and Somerset, NJ, October 13, 2016

CareSpeak* Communications and MedCart Specialty Pharmacy announced today that they have partnered to launch a new interactive SMS based program designed to help patients taking medications for chronic diseases stay on therapy. The program, which features the CareSpeak* digital health platform, is being offered to MedCart customers, with the goal of improving patient care, quality, and patient outcomes.

MedCart patients receive personalized medication text reminders to ensure they take their medications as prescribed. They are also able to request medication refills, or ask the Pharmacist questions via SMS. The HIPAA compliant platform accommodates even the most complex dosing regimens, sends lab or other appointment reminders, and can communicate with patients in the language of their choice.

"At MedCart we are constantly looking for ways to create a more technologically advanced pharmacy that can better manage the quality and the cost of care for our customers. Text messaging is an affordable and scalable technology platform, maximizing the number of our patients that can gain access and benefit from it," said Eddie Abueida, Co-Founder and CEO of MedCart Specialty Pharmacy.

Texting is the most used mobile application whether you have a smart phone or not. A recent Pew Research study, analyzing smartphone users, found that text messaging was used at least once during a week-long survey by 97% of participants. Taking pictures/videos or listening to music, in contrast, was used 60% and 41% as many times respectively – or about half as often. "Changing people's behaviors is very hard, and with texting we don't have to change anything – they are already doing it." Abueida added.

Serge Loncar, Founder and CEO of CareSpeak* said, "We are seeing positive results not only in clinical studies but also in our commercial initiatives. For example, using the CareSpeak* platform another leading specialty pharmacy was able to increase refill rates for their low adherence oncology, inflammatory, and infectious disease patients from 69% to 89%, and we all know that improved adherence leads to improved outcomes. We are excited about being able to offer our user friendly and clinically effective solution to MedCart and their customers."

"We extensively scoped the mobile health market for the best solution, and chose CareSpeak* as our platform of choice to create this innovative communications program. It is very flexible and customizable allowing for different intervention types, plus the CareSpeak* platform is able to help us better meet some of the latest Medicaid reporting requirements," said Ed Saleh, Co-Founder and President of MedCart Specialty Pharmacy.

About MedCart Specialty Pharmacy

MedCart Specialty Pharmacy is an industry-leading pharmaceutical and healthcare provider serving the unique needs of patients with complex diseases. We offer complete solutions for patients and physicians. Our highly qualified team of pharmacists and support staff brings together expert clinical services and medication management, customized to the individual needs of each patient and physician. We simplify the treatment process for patients and their physicians, with convenient ordering and coordination of paperwork and reporting to simplify administration for physicians. Serving Michigan for more than five years, our innovative approach means we can offer the highest level of service and lowest prices to more than 10,000 patients and counting.

About CareSpeak* Communications, Inc.

CareSpeak* intelligent health messages provide patients with an effortless way to mange their health, powered by an advanced digital health platform. The HIPAA compliant platform provides patient engagement, medical therapy adherence, and care coordination solutions to global health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and specialty pharmacies as well as clinicians at some of the leading medical centers.

*CareSpeak Communications is now a part of OptimizeRx Corporation, NASDAQ: OPRX



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