Four Key Questions About Point of Care in 2019

22 February 2019


Published on PM360 2/20/2019

PM360 asked experts within point of care how the space is evolving and what might change in 2019 and beyond, including:

Purple_Carrot_v2What has been the result of increased transparency and audited reporting after the controversy over inflated numbers in previous years? How are companies ensuring they get what they pay for?

Purple_Carrot_v2What are the best ways to measure the success of POC marketing campaigns? What metrics are the most important to look at?

Purple_Carrot_v2What new technologies, methods, or strategies should marketers pay the closest attention to in 2019 in terms of POC marketing?

Purple_Carrot_v2What are some of the biggest pain points marketers face in the POC space? How can they overcome them in 2019?"

TRx lifts are not always the measure of success of POC marketing campaigns. The key is to develop a solid ROI methodology by following these guidelines:

  1. Proper program evaluation and execution: The definition of program objectives is critical to your ability to measure program impact and what metric determines your ROI analysis. For example, a clinical messaging POC campaign might focus on patient education/support opportunities. Therefore, the ROI should be based on how the campaign impacted enrollment not TRx.

  2. Data access: A physician-centered program such as a patients’ savings coupon program/notification to the HCP in the EHR at the point of prescription should be able to capture at least the NPI information about the physician that can enable you to segment or isolate the physicians reached. If not, you will not be able to distinguish between the test and control HCP population and it will be almost impossible to measure ROI.

  3. Program data analysis: ROI can be calculated from the measurement methodology and you can also identify and analyze the non-monetary benefits of the program. Meanwhile, the length of the program will determine what methodology to use (time series regression analysis or a test/control analysis ROI methodology).



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