Get More from Your Marketing Dollars with Next-Level Targeting

It’s not easy to find brand-eligible patients and drive HCP engagement while managing your marketing costs. The public perception of pharma companies having unlimited budgets simply isn’t true – every dollar must return value. That's why savvy brand and HCP marketing managers are embracing point-of-care digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) and physician data to boost marketing performance and budget management.

Executing your brand marketing through OptimizeRx’s highly innovative Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) takes your targeting accuracy to the next level, so you can deploy marketing resources more efficiently. It’s the only solution that allows you to draw on new, de-identified patient data streams to find eligible patients, predict their key care windows, and target their treating physicians. AI-driven patient-centric relevancy, combined with DAAP’s point-of-care messaging, tells your brand exactly when and where they need to be. It takes the guesswork out of omnichannel execution to transform your marketing accuracy and ROI.

Our study of patient-first intent in pharma HCP engagement campaigns showed an average script impact of 28% – almost double that of static targeting programs.


Top Challenges We Solve for Pharma Companies


Finding eligible patients for your specialized or targeted brand


Growing market share while managing costs


Driving post-launch brand awareness and uptake


Reducing patient attrition and

DAAP Modules for Higher HCP Engagement

A patient-centric approach is more effective than any other HCP engagement or pharma marketing solution because it allows you to execute a true next-best-action strategy – one driven by the dynamic, real-time nature of patients vs. past physician behavior.

DAAP by Optimize Rx includes several specific problem-solving modules that address the need for patient data and support, such as Patient Discovery and Access and Adherence. With these modules, you can find brand-eligible patients – and help them access and stay on the treatments they need.


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