A Synchronized, Dynamic Approach to Omnichannel Marketing that Delivers Better Results

Life science marketing agencies are always seeking to implement sophisticated strategies to help pharma and medtech clients achieve their commercial goals. Today, AI-driven solutions are adding scale, reach and efficiency – and delivering greater performance. 

OptimizeRx has been partnering with agencies for almost 20 years to drive impact for leading pharmaceutical brands. Now we’re supporting the transition from siloed, calendar-based media execution to integrated audience and channel deployment that synergizes with your innovative marketing plans and increases cost efficiency. 

Through our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) and Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting technologies, we create hyperlocal, privacy-safe patient and HCP audiences, then synchronize HCP and DTC marketing with the patient journey. That means you can define and reach precise, clinically-qualified audiences with consistency on a diverse range of programmatic and point-of-care channels – where and when they are primed to engage.  

Just focused on HCP or DTC? You can still benefit from unique solutions that leverage real-world data, programmatic and clinical expertise, point-of-care reach, and AI-enabled deployment for increased engagement and impact. 

Expand the reach and market penetration of your clients’ outreach programs by 30-50%

How We Support Our Agency Partners


Win Rates

Demonstrate you can execute against brand strategies – and impact the client’s bottom line.


Finding Specialty / Niche Populations

Locate and engage clinically-specific patients and their HCPs with precision


Cost Efficiency

 Maximize budget reach and script impact through smarter channel execution, reducing impression waste.


Reducing Administrative Burden

Centralize HCP and DTC media through a single, managed service partner to streamline program deployment

Optimize Performance and Delight Clients

 Learn how leading healthcare agencies and their life sciences customers can collaborate with OptimizeRx to improve marketing ROI and audience engagement with AI-driven, patient-centric media buying strategies.


Conversations that Convert: OptimizeRx 2024 Physician Survey Results 

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Balancing Precision and Reach in Omnichannel HCP Marketing


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