Move Beyond Siloed Media Buying to an Integrated, Dynamic Approach that Supports Planning Innovation

Rapid growth in real-world data and artificial intelligence (AI) have made it easier for agencies to develop highly sophisticated brand plans to help their pharma and medtech clients grow market share. But tough challenges persist: shifting from siloed media buying to integrated channel deployment, providing robust ROI metrics, and managing the shift to more specialized treatments and harder-to-find patients. In fact, the most advanced, data-driven plans may not lead to executable strategies. They still rely on traditional, calendar-based media buying, assumptions about the patient journey based on stale data and static NPI lists – when we know that patient and physician behavior is highly dynamic.

With new de-identified patient data becoming available, it’s an excellent opportunity for agencies to realize their strategic vision and deliver unprecedented results. Our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) gives agencies access to the smartest AI engine available to know when a brand-eligible patient is present in key care windows, select channels that HCP prefers, and send relevant messages across our omnichannel network. DAAP also refreshes your NPI list every week. OptimizeRx is much more than leveraging EHR workflows – we enable a new approach to media buying for exponentially more efficient spend and synergy.

Expand the reach and market penetration of your clients’ outreach programs by 20-50%

Top Challenges We Solve for Agencies


Maximizing tight client
media budgets


Increasing competitive bid
win rates


Reporting and delivering
higher ROI


Targeting narrow, specialized patient audiences


DAAP Modules for Agency Performance Optimization

Plan media buying with certainty and execute campaigns that offer true next-best-action impact by finding the right patients and predicting when they’re being treated.

DAAP by Optimize Rx includes several specific problem-solving modules that address the need for patient data and support, such as Patient Discovery and Access and Adherence. With these modules, you can find brand-eligible patients – and help them access and stay on the treatments they need.


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