Embrace the Power of EHR, Point-of-Care, and the Patient Journey

Medtech that transforms patient outcomes and quality of life is evolving at a tremendous pace. But these manufacturers face a unique challenge. After a long, complex development and approval period, they must then reach, educate, and explain the value of their new devices to HCPs who have never been more pressed for time. Thanks to advances in point-of-care marketing and the ability to reach HCPs directly in the EHR, medtech companies have a proven, easy-to-use channel to raise awareness of their technology. Not just generic ads and messaging – but using patient treatment and medication history to target and deliver relevant information on device benefits directly within qualified patient charts.

Even with limited budgets, medtech companies can drive impressive brand awareness, market share, and HCP engagement by leveraging point-of-care moments and targeted EHR messaging. The Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) by OptimizeRx is a medtech marketing solution with a robust AI engine, precise message delivery, and extensive omnichannel network that identifies eligible patients, predicts when they’re being treated, and engages HCPs in EHR workflows and across digital channels. With OptimizeRx, medtech marketing is an easier, direct, more efficient use of marketing dollars, delivering significant device lift and ROI.

With an 86% provider engagement rate, the point-of-care reaches HCPs where and when they are making patient care decisions.

Top Challenges We Solve for MedTech Companies


Maximizing the impact of limited marketing budgets


Differentiating device value and therapeutic benefits


Reaching HCPs when they are actively treating device-eligible patients


Increasing device orders / prescriptions and growing prescriber base

DAAP Modules for Medtech

Overcome constrained budgets and generic, volume media buys – get the essential information about your device in front of HCPs when they’re treating eligible patients.

DAAP by Optimize Rx includes several specific problem-solving modules that address the need for patient data and support, such as Patient Discovery and Access and Adherence. With these modules, you can find brand-eligible patients – and help them access and stay on the treatments they need.


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Embrace Relevancy-Driven Marketing

Learn how AI-driven DAAP by OptimizeRx helps medtech companies maximize marketing budgets to support effective launches and sustain or grow brand awareness and market share.


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