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Increase Medtech Brand Visibility and Healthcare Provider Engagement

Deliver Brand Messages and Information to HCPs Across the Care Journey

Helping Medtech Brands Achieve Their HCP Marketing Goals

Key Uses_1_awareness-1
Raising awareness of your brand and key treatment benefits among prescribing physicians
Key Uses_2_prescriptions
Increasing the volume of new prescriptions or orders, as well as generating new prescribing physicians
Key Uses_3_market share
Positioning your brand against competitive therapies to maximize market share
Key Uses_4_patient find
Supporting HCPs in identifying hard-to-find patients that could benefit from your brand or clinical trial

HCP Engagement Solutions


Drive brand awareness and strengthen HCP relationships in the EHR and beyond

OptimizeRx HCP engagement solutions allow your medical device
brand to reach providers at multiple points in the patient care journey, across multiple communication platforms:

EHR-Based Solutions

Deliver key brand messages and information directly in the EHR through our network of 300+ EHR and e-prescribing partners, while also allowing HCPs to easily connect with their field reps.

Account-Based Marketing Tools

Reach 90% of US hospital systems behind their firewalls, within their intranets, and on endemic websites to better engage physicians at key institutions.

Social Media Engagement

Build brand awareness with an NPI-targeted approach to social media advertising that averages an 84% HCP match rate.

AI-Driven Engagement

Harness the power of real-world data and artificial intelligence to amplify the relevance and actionability of brand communications, target hard-to-identify patients, or validate NPI lists.

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HCP engagement solutions

Why Medtech Chooses OptimizeRx

OptimizeRx gives your brand visibility and engages HCPs across more channels and at more points in the care journey than any other provider. Our Network of 300+ EHR and ePrescribing partners reaches more HCPs in their workflow, including physicians not accessible through other companies’ networks. That means your brand content reaches more providers – when and where they are actively making care decisions.


Here’s a sample of our US healthcare provider reach in major specialty areas*

Specialty areas_cardio

Cardiologists 90%+

Specialty areas_opthamology

Ophthalmologists 90%+

Specialty areas_endocrinology

Endocrinologists 90%+

Specialty areas_primary care

Primary Care/ Internal Medicine 81%

*Comparison of OptimizeRx physician network coverage to physician counts published by the Association of American Medical Colleges. 

With an 86% provider engagement rate, engage providers where and when they are making patient care decisions.


Results That Matter: OptimizeRx Case Study

Converting patients to a new medical device by raising awareness within the EHR workflow.

OptimizeRx helps medical device brands stand out in their respective target markets, generate new-to-brand patients and deliver measurable ROI.

  • 6.7% Average Device Lift

  • 200% Return on investment

  • 1200+ incremental device prescriptions


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