Collaborative Effort to Overcome Obstacles for Newly Diagnosed Women with Breast Cancer

Launching a new medication in a complex disease state is often fraught with complications that can impact medication adherence. While new medications can improve a patient’s quality of life, unexpected or misunderstood side effects can trigger fears that the medication is having an adverse effect or worsening their condition, resulting in patients abandoning treatment.
This case study presents the ways in which three organizations collaborated to design a patient support program to help women diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer stay adherent to life-extending therapy.

You’ll learn how their holistic approach led to:

  • Leveraging the power of text message communication to provide live support for patients

  • 34% patient engagement rate

  • 14 min. average texting sessions with oncology nurses

  • A better understanding of expected side effects vs. adverse effects of medication

  • 85% of respondents finding the program helpful in starting treatment