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Location: Philadelphia, PA

Planning to attend Digital Pharma East? Join us for a private kick-off event, co-hosted with Questex, on Monday, September 11 at 6:00 PM. Learn more and RSVP now.

Transforming HCP Engagement with AI-Driven Next-Best-Action Strategies

The healthcare landscape is evolving. Today's HCPs are no longer satisfied with generic marketing content - they're actively in search of clinically-relevant content on patient eligibility, financial support programs, and prior authorization processes that directly impact their patients.

We're attending Digital Pharma East to showcase how next-best-action strategies, driven by AI, are refining the way life sciences brands communicate with HCPs. By combining patient care data with physician engagement insights directly in the EHR workflow, pharma marketers can determine the best message, channel, and timing to connect with HCPs and their patients. 

When implemented with the right partner, next-best action strategies can allow your brand to: 

  • Engage with HCPs in real-time, accommodating their preferences 
  • Move seamlessly between online and offline channels 
  • Offer content that helps physicians discern the best treatment options  
  • Improve your targeted marketing strategies and the efficiency of your HCP engagement campaigns 

Don’t miss Mike Rousselle’s session, “PLD Is Not Enough: How Patient-First Approaches Transform Next-Best-Action Strategies” as he highlights the challenges of relying solely on physician-level data and the essential role of patient-level data in maximizing your brand's impact.  

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Heading to Digital Pharma East? We'd welcome the chance to support your next-best action strategies. Book a meeting with our team or visit our booth to discover all we can do to support your next-best action strategies, from harnessing AI's capabilities to leveraging patient-first approaches.

Join us for a private kick-off event

Co-hosted with Questex, on Monday, September 11 at 6:00 PM. Learn more and RSVP now.

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