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The Message Infusion module of our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) complements your next-best-action approach and optimizes overall point-of-care marketing efforts. Our data-driven omnichannel platform seamlessly programs patient-profile triggers, such as ICD-10 codes, into target lists and segments for NPI targeting, ensuring synchronized messaging across the electronic health record (EHR), web display and social channels. This intrinsic channel integration optimizes budget allocation and enhances the convergence of point-of-care. By effectively integrating brand messaging across multiple point-of-care channels and traditional digital media, you enhance target audience engagement, increase brand awareness and boost the impact of all your marketing initiatives.

Features of Message Infusion

Achieve more precise and impactful engagement with targeted healthcare professionals and patients by strategically delivering highly relevant messaging across various social media channels.
Account-targeted web display and intranet banners Deliver customized messaging directly to the specific accounts where your NPIs are practicing and engage them on their internal online platforms for direct and personalized interactions.
NPI, NDC and ICD-10-based EHR targeting Leverages the native-EHR data within the OptimizeRx network to enable precise and effective engagement with healthcare professionals, ensuring relevant information reaches the right HCP and their patients.

Best Brand Fit for Message Infusion

Blockbusters, vaccines and other leading brands

Maximize script volume by driving broad brand awareness supporting physicians in earlier patient identification and qualification.

Saturated, competitive indications

Highlight key clinical advantages and differentiators to drive patient acquisition and market share in highly competitive categories.

Launch brands

Build awareness for new brands or expanded labels by amplifying benefits and differentiators with targeted messaging across social, web display and throughout clinical workflow to all relevant HCP audiences.

Supercharge Your Next-Best Action with Message Infusion

Explore our case studies to learn more about how our brand awareness messaging is helping build and maintain market share, delivering higher ROI, script lifts and more.

58% sales lift among participating providers

Increasing Provider Awareness and Treatment Affordability to Grow Brand Sales

35K in incremental prescriptions

Increasing Prescription Volumes with a Targeted HCP Engagement Campaign

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