Physicians want to connect with sales reps — help increase their engagement opportunities.

Our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) includes a Digital Field Connection module that helps your brand easily cultivate stronger personal connections between field reps and healthcare professionals (HCPs) through direct, digital delivery of patient eligibility and product information. By using direct HCP messaging capabilities within Electronic Health Records (EHR), the module efficiently connects HCPs with your field reps and seamlessly integrates them into the clinical workflow.

This unique approach enhances the relationships between manufacturers and providers by identifying "hand-raiser" HCPs and offering them a personalized means of communication that doesn't rely on email or contact requests through the brand website.

Features of Digital Field Connection

Direct messaging from EHR to MSL Enable direct messaging from the electronic health records (EHR) to Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), simplifying communication and supporting patient qualification for a specific brand, while fostering efficient collaboration between healthcare professionals and MSLs.
Direct messaging from EHR to field sales Improve collaboration by enabling direct EHR-to-field sales messaging, providing real-time support during prescribing and clarifying complex patient access pathways.
In-workflow, NPI-targeted messaging Seamlessly matches the NPI with the appropriate representative and enables targeted information delivery within the healthcare professional's workflow, facilitating informed decision-making.

Best Brand Fit for Digital Field Connection

Complex eligibility or prescribing requirements

Enhance communication with HCPs by leveraging the specialized expertise of medical science liaisons in addressing scientific and qualification inquiries.

Consolidated field territories or virtual launches

Create successful new introductions with a seamless connection between your sales territory and the HCPs on your priority NPI list.

Market access barriers

Provide essential support to HCPs by offering streamlined access to assistance with prior authorizations, hub enrollment and more, enabling them to deliver exceptional patient care.

Leverage the Personal Interaction of Digital Field Connections

Explore our case studies to learn more about how our technology is helping physicians connect with field support to get patients the treatments they need and delivering higher ROI, script lifts and more for brands.

200% return on investment

Engaging HCPs with a Newly Launched Product Through Interactive EHR Communications

58% of participating HCP's submitted multiple requets

Increasing HCP Engagement with MSLs Using Interactive EHR Communications

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