The eligibility markers are there — help physicians find them.

Patient Discovery is the most advanced module of our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) — and one of the only solutions available that can execute a smarter, next-best-action strategy. Predictive real-time targeting using integrated AI capabilities, real-world data, and our extensive omnichannel reach automatically finds prescribers when they are treating hard-to-identify, brand-eligible patients. Engage physicians in these moments and support them in onboarding with brief, relevant information on efficacy, qualifications, affordability, formulary, patient support and more. 

The AI core of Patient Discovery leverages machine learning, driven by patient care milestones and physician engagement preferences, to get smarter and stronger as it works with your business rules — so your results and audience lists continuously improve.

Features of Patient Discovery

Predictive capability Robust artificial intelligence — continuously improved by machine learning — identifies prescribers with brand-eligible patients and directs and delivers messages.
Omnichannel approach Integrated physician-level engagement data across multiple channels (EHR, Display, and Social) guides omnichannel engagement programs within our robust network. Ideal for today’s HCPs who use 10+ channels regularly.
Contextual messaging Concise, brief, clinical and life sciences brand-focused messages and information concentrated on efficacy, patient qualification, market access, formulary updates, and patient support and access. Highly relevant and personalized to HCP and patient needs — not generic brand ads.
Dynamic NPI targeting Prioritizes NPIs based on real-time physician-level engagement data, claims and EHR data, and patient journey and treatment algorithms to create dynamic NPI lists that allow for omnichannel targeting.

Best Brand Fit for Patient Discovery

Rare diseases

Find that needle in the haystack — and be present throughout the care journey — when you help physicians discover qualified patients. Drive script volume, brand equity, and awareness.

High competition

Position your brand as the top choice and achieve growth in a competitive space by catching patients earlier in their care journey, e.g., at pre-eligibility.

Market access barriers

Remove market access barriers caused by utilization management and increase your market penetration.

Discover the Power of Patient Discovery and Next-Best Action

Learn more about how our DAAP platform is helping patients get the treatments they need and delivering higher ROI, script lifts and more for brands.

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