Build prescriber confidence with affordability resources

The Access and Adherence module available with our Dynamic Audience Activation Platform (DAAP) addresses the well-known impact of out-of-pocket prescription or device costs on healthcare providers' prescribing decisions. By providing affordability information through informational electronic health record (EHR) indicators throughout the prescribing workflow, our solution facilitates cost discussions and mitigates concerns. Brands can effectively support HCPs by raising awareness in the clinical workflow and sending copay cards attached to e-prescriptions.

This module also ensures transparency into other manufacturer market access and adherence support for patients, equipping healthcare providers with the information they need about patient assistance programs, prior authorization requirements and refill alerts. During critical periods including approaching a patent cliff and up to six months after Loss of Exclusivity (LoE), maintain volume retention by employing workflow tools specifically designed for the purpose. Our solution enables HCPs to confidently prescribe their preferred treatment with access to life sciences support at their fingertips.

Features of Access and Adherence

Financial messaging Optimize copay awareness and provide cost-saving benefits for patients by delivering copay cards directly to HCPs through our brand-targeted EHR Indicator.
NPI and NDC-targeted affordability messaging Enhance affordability messaging during prescribing with NPI and NDC targeting, utilizing impactful banners to provide healthcare professionals with valuable cost-saving information.
Streamlined copay communication Deliver pharmacy copay information directly to pharmacies along with prescriptions, simplifying the process for patients.
Alignment to RTBC information Ensure copay visibility alongside real-time benefit check (RTBC) information, empowering healthcare providers to make informed decisions about treatment options and medication costs.
Refill alerts Improve medication adherence and patient care with refill alerts, ensuring timely notifications for healthcare providers and patients to proactively manage prescription refills.

Best Brand Fit for Access and Adherence

High out-of-pocket costs for patients

Send copay cards directly to physicians, patients and pharmacies to provide immediate financial relief while building trust and brand awareness.

Poor formulary position

Counteract an unfavorable formulary status by sending timely information on access, affordability, prior authorization, formulary status updates and pharmacy distribution.

Impending LoE

Keep patients on your branded therapy, minimize value erosion and even gain new patients by transitioning to copay card programs and implementing refill alerts.

Limited distribution drugs

Enable broader access and virtual connections to pharmaceutical sales reps, meeting opportunities and follow-ups to foster more meaningful engagements.

Learn How Affordability Messaging Supports a Market-Access Strategy

See how our technology is helping physicians confidently prescribe their first choice in treatments — helping patients start and stay on treatment for better long-term health outcomes.


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