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Balancing Precision and Reach in Omnichannel HCP Marketing

Download the free guide to three data-driven methodologies for defining and targeting your ideal physician audience

hcp-engagement-guide-preview-optimizerxOmnichannel strategies for HCP marketing need to find the right balance between precision and share-of-voice, in order to maximize brand relevance without sacrificing reach. 

This short guide from OptimizeRx, a leader in point-of-care HCP engagement programs, explores three common, data-driven methodologies to HCP audience definition and targeting – quantifying their precision, reach and impact so you can determine the best approach to meet your brand’s HCP engagement goals. Download your free copy today. 

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Which HCP Audience Definition and Targeting Methodology Is Right for Your Brand?


Trigger-Based Targeting


NPI Historic Behavior Analysis 


Predictive Patient Discovery

Free Guide: Balancing Precision and Reach in Omnichannel Physician Audience Building