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Power HCP Engagement with Specialty-Specific Data

Choose a Snapshot and Align Your Pharma Digital Marketing Strategy to Your Target HCP Audience 

OptimizeRx recently surveyed 120+ physicians across six specialty areas, and found they are everywhere, all at once, looking for information from life science brands. But not all specializations are alike in why, when and where they engage. 

Do you know what information specialists in your therapeutic area are seeking, and what channels they rely on – and trust? Download our free specialty snapshots for exclusive data insights, including: 

  • The biggest information gaps your target physicians experience  
  • Their preferred channels for finding new treatment information – and what type of content impacts prescribing decisions 
  • What other life science brands are doing right to engage them

Find the insights your brand needs to build a more effective, omnichannel HCP engagement approach that increases ROI, script lift, patient starts and more. 

Download Your Specialty Snapshot


Learn why specialists in your therapeutic area struggle to stay informed


See their preferred channels for engaging with life science brands


Discover the topics and timing that most impact prescribing – and where specialists need more information

Why Do Specialist Insights Matter?

The data and insights in our free specialist snapshots were pulled from our recent HCP clinical engagement physician survey, giving you a reliable and fresh look at how specialists in your therapeutic area want to engage with life science brands, and the information they need to make confident prescribing decisions. Because not all specialists engage with content in the same waywe found some dramatic differences their opinions are critical to an effective digital marketing strategy.


The Research Behind the Snapshots

OptimizeRx partnered with REACH, an independent research company, to conduct quantitative primary market research with 123 U.S. physicians between February 25 and March 3 of 2023. Respondents included dermatologists (n=20), endocrinologists (n=20), cardiologists (n=20), primary care physicians (n=20), oncologists (n=23) and neurologists (n=20).


Download your specialist snapshots now—and start building better engagements strategies

Download Your Snapshot