Case Studies

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Avoiding Treatment Discontinuation with Patient Support

Learn why 90% of participating breast cancer patients recommended OptimizeRx's text messaging support program

Increasing Provider Awareness and Treatment Affordability to Grow Brand Sales

Learn how OptimizeRx generated a 58% sales lift with targeted communications at critical moments in the care journey

Overcoming Compliance Barriers with Digital Patient Engagement

Discover how OptimizeRx delivered a 29% Rx uplift through text message-based financial assistance and a motivational program

Transitioning Patients to Newer Therapy with Financial Support Awareness

Learn how OptimizeRx delivered 3000 new prescriptions by increasing provider awareness of a brand's financial support program

Increasing Patient Persistence on Therapy by Boosting HCP Refill Awareness

Learn how OptimizeRx generated more than 25000 incremental refills and 29000+ incremental months of supply with a dual awareness program

Driving Brand Growth Through Targeted Provider Engagement

See how we generated 3754 New-to-Brand prescriptions in a year through a provider engagement program

Driving Post-Launch Brand Uptake Through a Digital Experience Program

Learn how OptimizeRx decreased the average time needed for physicians to see treatment results by 50%

Discover all our point-of-care communication platform can do for your brand