Better Patient Engagement

Patient engagement technology that provides earlier, easier access to critical support resources, increasing medication adherence and improving patient outcomes.

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Increase Patient Engagement with the OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform

Our HIPAA-compliant adherence technology integrates seamlessly into patients’ daily lives. Using text messaging and other digital channels, we provide scalable, personalized support that increases patient compliance with their therapy regimen.

Key platform features include: 

  • HIPAA-compliant text messaging 
  • Mobile copay cards and text-message enrollment 
  • Personalized medication and refill alerts
  • Multimedia content integration 
  • Side-effect management support 
  • Motivational messages and content 
  • Disease management tips and guidance 
  • Biometric tracking 
  • Digital nurse support 

Client Results and Case Studies

Overcoming Compliance Barriers with Digital Patient Engagement

Discover how OptimizeRx delivered a 29% Rx uplift through text message-based financial assistance and motivational program 

Avoiding Treatment Discontinuation with Proactive, Personalized Support

Learn how OptimizeRx better-prepared breast cancer patients to manage side effects, so they could stay on therapy longer, and 90% of program participants would recommend the program

See for yourself how the OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform increases medication adherence and patient engagement.


Unmatched Flexibility

  • Customizable, disease-agnostic platforms that integrate your patient support programs for increased access and enrollment. 
  • Digitized nurse support services provide a new channel of treatment support for patients. 
  • Financial assistance program integrations simplify mobile opt-in and make consent processes easier. 
  • Program managers can easily update automated programs based on user interaction.

Your Secure Mobile CRM

  • Integration with existing CRM (ex: Epsilon, Salesforce, etc.) and co-pay adjudication technology help maximize enrollment. 
  • Our SaaS platform is HIPAA, TCPA, Fair Balance, FCC, and GDPR compliant. 
  • Secure data with HITRUST certified automated messaging.

Easy On-Boarding

  • Built-in provider awareness and patient text-to-enroll help build relationships, and support retention and adherence to physician-recommended treatment plans.
  • Caregivers receive alerts to help manage a loved one’s care. 
  • Patients can add co-pay cards to their mobile wallets.

Transparent Reporting

  • Patient and caregiver usage and behavior trends allow you to track the impact of programs and communications. 
  • Engagement reporting displays the elements of your program patients interact with most. 
  • Easy to interpret reporting delivers enrollment metrics for patients and caregivers. 

Our patient engagement platform has been the focus of multiple published studies on its impact and efficacy. See some of the results below.

Optum Specialty Pharmacy logo gray

OPTUM Specialty Pharmacy

Optum Specialty Pharmacy wanted to prove that integrating simple technology to augment existing patient behavior could have a significant clinical and commercial impact. 

Results showed:

  • Patients who were enrolled via a live call and on-boarded to interactive text messaging that provided timely medication and refill reminders, adherence feedback, clinical assessment questionnaires, lifestyle tips and emotional support messaging, reported very high satisfaction rates (+90%) with the program’s ease of use. 

  • Days on therapy were extended by 73 for cancer patients and 102 for inflammatory disease patients. 

Molina Healthcare logo
Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare had concerns surrounding high non-adherence and low healthcare utilization among the chronically ill. 

Results showed:

  • Medication therapy management and messaging reminder programs focused on treatment implementation and retention demonstrated the power of strategic intervention among the Medicaid population. 

  • The proportion of days covered among the study population increased by 3.6% for statin medications, 2.8% for oral diabetes medications and 7.1% for antihypertensive medications. 

Joslin Diabetes Center logo


Joslin Diabetes Center

Joslin Diabetes Center needed a better way to understand disease progression and medication adherence in adolescents struggling to manage their Type 1 Diabetes. 

Results showed:

  • Text message interaction created a substantial impact in adolescent diabetes management. 

  • Teens who responded to >33% of text message reminders did not have a significant increase in A1C levels over 12 months. Teens who responded <33% of texts saw significant increases in A1C levels.


Wayne State University logo

Wayne State University School of Medicine

WSU School of Medicine needed a solution to connect with young adults (18-25) with asthma. 

Results showed:

  • Interventional messaging and text reminders were instrumental in helping them make a real impact on medication adherence and asthma control. 

  • Intervention Group members saw doses of controller medications decrease.


Explore how the OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform increases patient adherence and engagement.

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