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It's All About the Patient

It really is. This is why you’re so passionate about healthcare; the chance to make a difference every day in the lives of patients.

Patients and their caregivers need the education and financial support to take control of their healthcare.

And providers need the information and resources to empower their patients whether Financial Messaging to communicate savings, Enroll Services for support, or Patient Engagement to encourage them and their caregivers.

The OptimizeRx Platform has unparalleled digital capabilities and network capabilities to engage patients with the support they need when they start their treatment. And we can help keep patients, and their caregivers, engaged to help accomplish the outcomes we're all hoping for.

Total Office Call Improves Engagement

When physicians and their healthcare staff know support and services are available for their patients, they’re more likely to prescribe a treatment.

With the OptimizeRx Platform:

Physicians see there is a Copay Program available while they are prescribing a treatment. Creating preference and visibility.

It’s easy and convenient to enroll a patient in a copay program – print-on-demand, send a text message, or transmit a co-pay offer directly to the pharmacy. Adjudication is also available with our Copay Progam application -- with enhanced reporting allowing end-to-end insight for your brand .

Physicians and their healthcare staff can also enroll patients in Specialty Hub Enroll services, so they get the help they need.

OptimizeRx Managed Care Managed Care prior authorization and approvals

OptimizeRx patient treatment information Patient dosing and treatment information

OptimizeRx medical assistance and support Medical assistance and support

Imagine engaging the patient at the point-of-care, carrying through to hub or other support, then continuing care conversations on their phone - that's Patient Engagement.

Looking to Engage Prescribers?


OptimizeRx’s mobile Patient Engagement capabilities make it simple for Patients to opt-in to services and ongoing support from the convenience of their digital device.

Connect with Patients - throughout therapy

Text messaging at point-of-prescribe engages patients right from the start. They can enroll in copay programs and Specialty Hub Services when they are prescribed a treatment.

Communications and reminders following the office call helps patients adhere to complex dosing instructions and stay on therapy longer.

Caregiver communication can improve quality-of-life for the patient and provide additional benefits to encourage better outcomes.

See the results.


We know the patient journey well. Our platform and modules work to deliver the right message, to the right patient, at the right time.

See how the OptimizeRx Platform can give you, and your healthcare provider partners, the power to engage patients with the services and support they need. Contact us today.


Financial Messaging and Copay Programs in the EHR

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