The industry-leading provider of physician and patient support services embedded seamlessly in more than 350 EHR and eRx systems.

OptimizeRx is the #1 provider of patient financial support services in the eRx workflow. With OptimizeRx, you can reach healthcare providers and patients with relevant education, services and across hundreds of EHRs.


Product Manufacturers

OptimizeRx’s proprietary technology platform connects seamlessly with more than 350 partner EHR and eRx platforms, making it possible for product manufacturers, marketers and market access teams to achieve excellent reach with over 300,000 healthcare professional customers via a single solution. The performance and benefits of these services have been proven in numerous independent studies.


EHR Network Partners

OptimizeRx services make it easy to embed patient financial support and other services in your EHR platform. Join the network of partners now utilizing OptimizeRx services to support the needs of healthcare providers and their patients. Integration of the OptimizeRx API is simple and easy, and can often be completed in 8 hours or less. The process involves setting up 3 web services to begin offering this solution to your users.


Communication | Media Agencies

If you are a healthcare media or creative agency, EHR services are now a critical component of marketing and media plans. OptimizeRx’s aggregator service makes it easy for marketers to reach their customers with patient financial support, patient education, messaging and more. Find out how OptimizeRx services can add value to your client’s marketing plans.


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