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Realizing Point-of-Care Opportunities for Life Science Brands

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HCP Engagement at the Nexus of Patient Care

The point-of-care ecosystem offers tremendous opportunity for life science brands to reach and engage physician audiences, while also providing access to unique data that can improve the relevance and targeting of engagement tactics.  

Our latest eBook provides a behind-the scenes look inside the EHR, so your brand can better understand how to deliver clinically-relevant information that drives HCP engagement. Download your copy today! 


Meet Our EHR and e-Prescribe Platform Experts

  • Dr. Jeanne Armstrong, Chief Medical Officer, TouchWorks EHR 
  • Danny Shipman, Executive Vice President, Value Added Solutions, Therapy Brands 
  • Dr. Jeffrey Stahl, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Innovation, DxWeb 

Read their exclusive interviews for an inside look at the benefits of EHR advertising for HCP engagement

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