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Meet Providers Where They Spend Their Day

The OptimizeRx Network of EHR and other healthcare technology partners puts you in front of the providers when it matters most.

Physicians and their healthcare staff spend most of their day in the EHR. And the EHR is a key source of clinical information.

The OptimizeRx Platform delivers therapeutic support messaging and brand messaging and awareness communications at critical moments in the clinical workflow.

Raise awareness of your brand at key events throughout the product life-cycle.


When a new treatment is available, it’s important to get the word out as soon as possible so patients can benefit.

The OptimizeRx platform is an ideal communications network to accelerate awareness of a new brand or to quickly spread the word during significant life-cycle events such as a new indication.

And with OptimizeRx, you can precisely target the physicians, and their healthcare staff, that matter most.

And you can put your provider communications front and center in the EHR.

"I think that messaging is most useful when it’s pertinent at the time of service to that particular patient and their overall disease care or management."
Jack Pinney

Looking to Engage Patients?


There are key moments in the care continuum when information matters most.

Our Therapeutic Support Messaging uses proprietary algorithms and information from the EHR to target clinical messages at the key moments when prescription decisions are made - based on relevant data.

And when you provide important information at the right moment in the clinical workflow, its less disruptive to physicians and has a greater impact on health outcomes.

Our hospital and health system integrations allow important savings information to show up while the physician is consulting as well as at discharge - helping to engage the provider with Financial Messaging information and related support they can share with their patients.

Brand Messaging and Refill Alerts can lead or contribute to your other messaging. Whether to maintain brand preference at key switching points or to flatten the patent cliff during LOE.

With the OptimizeRx platform, we have the flexibility to turn on the applications you need no matter where in the lifecycle your drug is. 


Healthcare Providers are busy. Our platform and modules work to deliver the right message, to the right provider, at the right time.

Precisely target clinical messages and even patient support and Hub Enroll to the right providers and patients in the ambulatory and hospital settings. Contact OptimizeRx to see how.

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We asked our physician panel a few questions about prescribing.

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