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OptimizeRx has a unique and extensive partner network.

Affordability and Adherence Solutions at Point-of-Prescribe.

Whether you are an EHR or eRx platform or a hospital and health system using one, you can benefit from integrating with OptimizeRx®.

MEDICATION ADHERENCE IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM  Hospitals can do everything right, but if patients don’t take medications as prescribed, or even pick them up, treatment will fail. This is particularly hard on hospitals – leading to readmissions. Affordability is a leading cause of non-adherence.

Imagine providing relevant patient support, affordability options, and other information to improve outcomes as prescriptions are being prescribed – right within your HCP or discharge workflow.

MANY DISCOUNTS ARE UNDERUTILIZED  While prescription discounts seem readily available, most patients don’t take advantage of them for various reasons. In reality, this task often falls on nurses and pharmacists. Staff often spends time hunting down offers for patients.

We seamlessly integrate into your EHR and automatically provide all qualified patients with available brand name and generic prescription discounts at the point-of-care with their discharge papers, thus ensuring a higher number of patients actually pick up and take their medications.

Integrating OptimizeRx into an EHR or eRx platform is simple and easy and can usually be completed in less than eight hours!

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*Includes both EHR partners and eRx partners that license their eRx platform to hundreds of EHRs.

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