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Increase HCP Reach. Drive Script Volume. Promote Affordability.

With OptimizeRx Financial Messaging

Return-On-Investment by Therapy Area

OptimizeRx consistently generates measurable results for our pharma marketing clients. Take a look at the ROIs generated from prior financial messaging programs in your specialty area. 



dermatology roi 93% blue icon


 endocrinology roi 940% blue icon


gastroenterology roi 901 % blue icon


immunology roi 120% blue icon


ophthalmology roi 549% blue icon


primary care roi 604% blue icon

Primare Care / Internal Medicine

psychiatry roi 1824% blue icon


pulmonology roi 443$ blue icon


The OptimizeRx Platform

Life science brands make significant investments in medication affordability programs for patients.

OptimizeRx Financial Messaging helps pharma marketers turn those investments into demonstrated increases in script volumes by:

  • Placing your savings offer directly in the EHR workflow of HCPs at the moment your brand is being considered or prescribed 
  • Equipping HCPs to discuss medication cost and assistance programs with patients 
  • Automatically routing savings, copay or voucher offer to the patient’s preferred pharmacy 
  • Providing mobile copay activation from the point-of-care and brand website 

The result? HCPs are more confident writing brand prescriptions, and patients are able to afford their medication more easily – generating increased script volumes.

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animation of an EHR showing OptimizeRx financial messaging capability

Why Do Pharma Marketers Choose OptimizeRx Financial Messaging?


HCP Reach

Our programs reach unique HCPs that are not available in other networks.


Provider Engagement

We average a 65% provider list match, and an 86% provider engagement rate.


Measurable ROI

We consistently deliver double- or triple-digital ROI to our clients.


Mobile Access

We provide mobile copay access and point-of-care activation for easier sign-up and use.

Increase the returns from your brand marketing. Get started today.

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The OptimizeRx Network Reach

Our network of 300+ EHR and ePrescribing partners reaches over 60% of ambulatory prescribers, including physicians not accessible through other companies’ networks. That means your brand savings offer reaches more providers – and their patients. 

Here’s our coverage US healthcare providers in major specialty areas*:

90%+ Cardiologists

61% Dermatologists

90%+ Endocrinologists

54% Gastroenterologists

90%+ Immunologists

90%+ Ophthalmologists

81% Primary Care / Internal Medicine

68% Psychiatrists

90%+ Pulmonologists

*Comparison of OptimizeRx physician network coverage to physician counts published by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

The Results For Our Clients

OptimizeRx Financial Messaging consistently generates high returns for our pharma marketing clients, based on script lift, incremental brand revenue, HCP prescribing activity, and overall ROI.

We’ve helped brands compete in crowded markets, generate new-to-brand patients and providers, manage loss-of-exclusivity, and more. Take a look at some of our client results below, or check out the full case studies.

return for clients_v3.1

35K Incremental Prescriptions
200+ New Brand Prescribers

A competitive therapy area, cheaper alternatives, and a less-desirable route of administration didn’t stop OptimizeRx from delivering massive results for a cardiovascular brand. 

See case study > 


return for clients_v3.3

58% Prescription Increase
51% Prescribing Rate

This respiratory brand needed to transition patients to a newer version of therapy, but cost was a disincentive to switching. Our program saw targeted physicians increase prescribing activity – and generated triple-digit ROI.

See case study > 

return for clients_v3.5

13K Incremental Prescriptions
300+ New Brand Prescribers

COVID-19 stalled provider calls and sample requests for this add-on depression therapy, but our program helped build brand recognition and prescription volumes – especially among new providers.

See case study > 

return for clients_v3.7

6.8K Incremental Prescriptions
54% Average Script Lift

The competitive nature of the diabetes market meant that this brand’s sales had started to plateau, but raising awareness of financial support options helped patients start and stay on therapy.

See case study > 


return for clients_v3.2

3.7K+ New-to-Brand Prescriptions
83% Prescribing Rate

When a mature cardiovascular brand was seeking to maintain market share after LOE, we helped them keep cost on par while still demonstrating growth. Did we mention the ROI was nearly unbelievable? 

See case study > 


58% Sales Lift
$389K Incremental Sales

Multiple approved and launching competitors meant that this osteoarthritis therapy needed to boost brand recognition with patients and providers. Financial messaging provided the “in” the brand needed.

See case study > 

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