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Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit

OptimizeRx® began with a small team of entrepreneurs and inventors with an idea to revolutionize the point of care experience through technology to improve clinical decisions and patient outcomes. Although the company has grown, we’re happy to report that the vision hasn’t changed and the entrepreneurial spirit remains strong.

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#1 EHR Aggregator

As the #1 aggregator of sponsored EHR services, we’ve come a long way. But we’re still focused on achieving our vision of delivering all of the value, services and support pharmaceutical brands have to offer, conveniently and appropriately in the EHR workflow. We invite you to join us in helping achieve that vision. Have an idea or suggestion? Contact us.

Delivering on the Promise

At OptimizeRx, we value integrity, honesty and transparency. We’ll give you the straight story on our capabilities, service and ability to deliver. If we tell you we can do something, you can believe it.

Talent Drives Performance

At OptimizeRx, we understand that the quality of our people is what drives our business to greater heights. That’s why we’re constantly bringing in new talent. If you like an entrepreneurial environment and can-do spirit, OptimizeRx is a great place to work – in the corporate office or working remotely. Take a look at our current career opportunities.

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