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The Power to Engage

The OptimizeRx Platform gives you the power to engage Patients and Providers. Our business intelligence services and communications capabilities enable you to meet Patients and Providers where it matters most…the Point-of-Care.

OPRX drug lifecycle management


Power of the Network

Power of the Network – Our unparalleled Network of EHR and Technology Partners provides the scale and reach you need to truly make an impact.

OPRX EHR network Network of over 370+ EHR systems reaching over 1 million Physicians, Healthcare Staff and Patients

OPRX reach ambulatory and hospital settings Reach both the ambulatory and hospital settings

OPRX reach patient and providers Deliver the information and services Patients and Providers value most

The right message at the right time.

A platform that works for your brand - no matter the complexity.

Program Delivery Done Right

Our large, secure, and compliant health information warehouse provides the clinical and business intelligence you need to deliver effective programs that improve the lives of patients.

OPRX clinical workflow engagement Precisely target the right Patients and Providers at the critical moment in the clinical workflow.

OPRX business intelligence Business intelligence information to plan and execute effective programs.

OPRX enhanced reporting proprietary algorithms Enhanced measurement and reporting capabilities give you clarity to the results and enable you to continuously improve.


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Be Present Throughout the Care Journey

OptimizeRx is the preferred digital health platform for medication affordability and adherence.

Our platform empowers pharma brands, specialty pharmacies, and insurers with the tools they need to connect better throughout the care continuum. 

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OPRX platform to empower pharma brands
OPRX specialty brands
Gears_greenOPRX connected throughout the care continuum

Specialty areas are our, well, specialty. See the ROI for some common therapeutic areas.

OPRX Financial Messaging Programs Deliver Cost Effective Patient Support